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Written by: Adam Christianson

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Here is another great story from Albert who also successfully runs his business using Macs.

My Wife and I started Due, three years ago. It started out as a little maternity boutique down here in sleepy Santa Barbara.

Because we used Macs in our past careers, (in advertising and PR) we decided to run the store on Macs too. It wasn’t an easy choice at the time because there was only 2 advanced retail applications that ran on the Mac, and one of them had poor industry ratings.

So we went with POSIM (Point of Sale Inventory Management) produced by Ensign, a company based in Utah.

Six months into opening the store I launched our website to move old inventory. Well a year and a half later or eCommerce accounts for more than 3x our store sales and we’ve opened three other maternity boutiques around the country Atlanta, Austin, and soon to be open San Francisco. I have to say we owe our success all to the fact that we were able to quickly train our staff on the simple digital workflow of the Mac.

Apple has recently signed a deal with POSIM and is now giving in store seminars on how to run your business on a Mac. As you know this is a really really big deal because for a long time Mac users had little or no option for using their computers for business processes, save for the mundane Office Apps.

Because POSIM is customizable for any industry, I believe this software is the start of a new movement that I believe will introduce the rest of the working world to the ease and joy of using a Mac for business beyond the Office suite.

We have since connected our POSIM solution to our online eCommerce program and automated our fulfillment across the enterprise. We are targeting several MM in sales this year and we did it on a Mac.

Albert DiPadova
Due Maternity

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