Great Apple Store Experience

Written by: Adam Christianson

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Here is a great story of an experienece listener Michael had at his local Apple Retail Store:

I just had to tell the story of a great experience at my favorite Apple store in Salem, NH (at the Mall at Rockingham Park in Salem New Hampshire)!

On July 14th on the way to the White Mountains of NH for some camping, I stopped in to pick up a 12 inch iBook, an extra 256 MB of RAM and a trusty apple care plan for it. I was in and out in no time and en route to my first campground.

On July 18th I checked in to a less primitive campground that offered $15.00 wifi for the week. This was great, I synced my iBook with my dot mac account, and updated the OS.

Then one day I noticed the main Apple page announcing the new 12 inch iBooks! I was mortified!

Well yesterday, I made a special trip back to the store not knowing what to expect. I packaged everything up, and once I explained my story, I was immediately offered a $100.00 rebate of sorts on my iBook, I asked what the possibility was of getting an upgraded unit, it was explained for the same $100.00, I could get one! We proceeded to the Genius bar for the existing iBook to undergo inspection. The employee helping me said she would “meet me halfway” SO for only $50.00, I got the upgraded unit, they also swapped one for one the stick of 256 MB RAM for me as the specs had changed, and the transfer of the Apple care plan was explained to me.

Needless to say I am real pleased with my new iBook, it joins my G5 iMac, 40 GB iPod, and 512 shuffle.

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  1. Jayson | Aug 03 2005 - 09:03

    Now that’s what I call good customer service!

  2. Derek C | Aug 04 2005 - 06:01

    I also bought both my MAc Mini and last week my new 12″ iBook! They are great up there and put other retailers to shame! No Pressure no bad deli meats!

  3. Derek C | Aug 04 2005 - 06:29

    Oh I meant to add I bought them in Salem , NH :)