New MacCast ready. Libsyn having issues.

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Podcast

So this is a really horrible case of bad timing. I recorded the new show and it is ready to go. Just when I am ready to give it to you, I see an email from Libsyn saying they are transitioning and upgrading their servers on August 1st and 2nd. In testing right now, I see the servers are moving really slowly. I can’t even get the new show to download most of the time and in one case, when it finally did start to download the show, several seconds were missing from the beginning of the show. I think I am going to wait a couple of hours to see if they can get stuff sorted out. I am really afraid if f I update the feed now many of you won’t get the show and that would be awful. The new show is coming, please be patient.

Update: (1:00 PM PST 08/03/2005) I think Libsyn is still having issues, but I cannot wait any longer. I am going to go ahead and update the feed. Sorry in advance to anyone who has issues with the download. Please don’t swamp me with email saying there are issues. I already know. thanks.

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  1. Tyson | Aug 03 2005 - 10:43

    Go DreamHost brotha! $9 for the first year with Ruby Rails, PHP, MySQL, 250GB monthly transfer, 2.4GB storage! Promo-code 777. Don’t pass that up!

  2. maccast | Aug 03 2005 - 12:24

    Are you kidding? I use 250GB of data transfer in less than a week.

  3. Jayson | Aug 03 2005 - 12:53

    Really looking forward to the new episode! I usually listen to them in the car while running to the store, which I will be doing soon. Here’s hoping that everything gets squared away by then!

  4. Ken | Aug 03 2005 - 03:24

    Hey my podcast is on libsyn as well. It seems that the site is moving better now. I downloaded your show with no problems and everything seems fine with it, (No missing sound)

  5. Robert | Aug 05 2005 - 03:04

    Tyson didn’t know MACCAST. You don’t have to be rude and say Are you kidding! I think because you are at the top of podcasting, your attitude is changing from when you first started. You are becoming very cocky now & that is not what podcasting is about.

  6. maccast | Aug 05 2005 - 04:27

    Sorry. Yes I was trying to be humerous, but in re-reading it I can see it seems like I am being rude. Hopefully from listening to the show people know I am not that way. I apologize to Tyson, if he took this the wrong way. I really just wanted to point out that Podcasting takes a ton of bandwidth and yea there are tons of great hosting providers out there, but to date Libsyn is the only hosting provider I know of that offers unlimited bandwidth at reasonable rates.