Oklahoma City Apple Retail Store Opening

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Podcast

Here are some picts from the opening of the new Apple Retail Store in Oklahoma City. Thanks to Web Kat for the picts.


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  1. Jim | Sep 26 2005 - 05:53

    Cool! I went to the Apple store after I got off work. It was around 5 p.m. There were still lot’s of people in the store browsing. Man I was like a kid in a candy store. I’m 42. My son and I went and had a great time. My son went to about 5 laptops and put my Podcast website on them. He told me after they left. Can’t wait to go back and spend some cash. I just need to buy the latest iLife and some day buy Tiger.

  2. Sheri | Sep 26 2005 - 06:15

    Thanks for posting about the OKC store. I was there, too, but my photos don’t look as good as others I’ve seen. Nice to know there are other Oklahoma MacCast listeners.

    PS–You’re my favorite podcaster. :-)

  3. nwistheone | Sep 26 2005 - 04:03

    thanks for mentioning the opening, i had no idea [which i’m still a little upset about]. i missed the opening, but i went the next day, and i have to admit, it’s pretty cool. i’m glad apple thought okc was tech enough to open a store. now to buy a powerbook…

  4. Kat | Sep 30 2005 - 12:07

    Wow…three other Maccast listeners in OKC! I can’t believe it! :) I’ve been listening to the show from the very first episode (started listening to podcasts around mid-November). I guess now we just have to form a MUG in the area!

  5. Sheri | Oct 01 2005 - 04:47

    Kat–we totally need a MUG in OKC! If Adam or whoever moderates this will pass me your e-mail or pass you my e-mail, I’d like to see an OKC MUG happen.

  6. Chad | Oct 03 2005 - 08:29

    I went to the opening too. Another okc maccast listener. I wish I had thought about putting MY podcast on the laptops :)