Dream System donation update.

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Random Thoughts

Thermometer So I am on my way to my dream system. Here is a little progress graphic that will keep you updated. We are at $142.00 so far. Only $11,858.00 to go.
Dream Mac

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  1. Gog | Oct 21 2005 - 01:31

    Surely you’re not serious?

  2. paul | Oct 21 2005 - 01:31

    Why on earth should readers/listeners contribute to your “dream system” fund? Don’t you think this is taking the public’s generosity too far? What is the point? Will you solicit a new “dream system” when the MacIntel systems come out?

    Your show is great, but I am uncomfortable with this solicitation.

  3. Eddie | Oct 21 2005 - 03:58

    I just ordered my PowerMac 2.0 (Dual Core). A little scaled down from your dream system but I had to do it. I had a iMAC 2.1Ghz on order, but for a few hundred more, I could get the Power Mac. So I went for it and it should arrive here in a few days. I dig your Podcast! I listen to it on my 30min commute to work. Keep it up!


  4. Jack | Oct 21 2005 - 05:45

    I just submitted my vote on podcast alley and I was wondering if I can send my dollar to the same PO box as the Nano giveaway.

  5. Joshua | Oct 21 2005 - 06:54

    Get a life. (Just joking of course… I simply wish *I* could have such a system)

  6. Jeremy | Oct 21 2005 - 06:17

    Something funny guys – the same system from apple austratlia – got love that US money
    Amount ex GST A$ 17,031.81
    GST A$ 1,703.18
    Subtotal A$ 18,734.99

    Estimated Ship:
    3-4 weeks

    Free Shipping

    Click “Update Details” to reflect changes to system price and shipping.


    8GB 533 DDR2 Non ECC SDRAM – 8x1GB
    500GB Serial ATA – 7200rpm
    16x SuperDrive Double-Layer (DVD+R DL/DVD±RW/CD-RW)
    QUADRO FX 4500 512MB SDRAM
    Bluetooth Module + AirPort Extreme
    Apple Wireless Keyboard & Mouse
    Apple Cinema HD Display (30″ flat panel) – AU
    Apple Cinema HD Display (30″ flat panel) – AU
    One FireWire 800 port

    Two FireWire 400 ports

    Three USB 2.0 ports

  7. maccast | Oct 21 2005 - 09:55

    OK. Gang. Let’s put all this in perspective. My statement that if each MacCast listener donated $1.oo I could afford this system is true. Do I really expect it to happen, no? Would I like you to support the show, yes? Would I spend the much on a system if I had the money? Probably not. This is a fun “dream”, but I don’t really expect (or really even want) it to come true. As always all donations to the show go directly back into the show and always appreciate the support.

  8. Tim in DC | Oct 22 2005 - 07:26

    It was a funny post – I think most of us took it that way! Good luck on the dream ;)

  9. Constantinos Kouloumbris | Oct 22 2005 - 07:52

    A dream that comes true is worthless because then you need an new one to replace the one that was completed.

  10. Steve in UT | Oct 22 2005 - 08:21

    To quote comment #9, “A dream that comes true is worthless because then you need a new one to replace the one that was completed.”

    Hmmm, so one dream will last an entire lifetime? How about they ALL come true and we have a whole lifetime of them to experience?


    Personally, my $1.00 will be heading Maccast’s way. There’s enough for everyone in the universe and if Adam’s dream comes true — who knows what the universe holds for me?

    Steve P.

  11. FreeiPodGuy.com | Oct 23 2005 - 12:09

    You just might be able to get your dream system.

    As the money trickles in over time, the system will be worth less and less. I predict that the cost of the system will equal the amount of donations you have received for it in about June 2010, when you’ll be able to get it on craigslist for $275.

  12. I think that if anyone deserves this system Adam does. I can’t tell you how valuable his information is to me as a newbie switcher and felllow podcaster. Adam, my PayPal is in the mail and dream or not I hope you get this or anything else you want, with the work that goes into a show, you deserver it.

  13. GreenAlien | Oct 23 2005 - 05:08

    Adam you cheap skate! My maxed out Power Mac came to £17,067.83 (30,281.75 USD).

  14. Brendon | Oct 24 2005 - 07:44


    The reason he has mentioned this on his site and has started this counter is because many of his listeners (myself included) said we would love to help fund him getting his dream setup.

    If you don’t like this idea, then here’s a thought… DON’T SEND HIM MONEY!!! Kinda like changing the channel, etc…

  15. maccast | Oct 24 2005 - 09:18

    I appreciate the support, but I feel the MacCast is a community of friends and each person is intitled to be able to voice an opinion with out fear of being ostracized. Please, lets try to communicate without berating each other. Thanks.

  16. The Professor | Oct 24 2005 - 12:24

    I hope your dream becomes a reality, Adam. You do a lot to support the Mac community, and it is appreciated.

  17. Brendon | Oct 25 2005 - 11:11

    Adam, no problem. I understand. You can remove my previous post, or remove the Tool stuff if you like.

    Paul, my apologies.

    Seriously though, simply don’t donate if you don’t like it. I am donating, because I think the MacCast is great and I feel Adam, though he is not really solicitating it, deserves something nice for his efforts on this site / podcast.

  18. Rex | Oct 26 2005 - 02:29

    If anything comes through after 100 podcasts, its that Adam has rock solid integrity. More than anything, I think that his earnestness and love of the Mac keeps his listeners coming back.

    It may not be the glitziest podcast, but it is one of the most heartfelt.

    Congratulations Adam and I’m looking forward to the next 100!

  19. Dimitri | Oct 28 2005 - 09:37

    You should all keep in mind the hours of work- a labor of love obviously- that goes into producing this show. It is a great community here, but how long can one person produce such an effort for FREE? Even Public Broadcasting does it’s fund raising drives a few times a year-they ask for listener support. I was surprised at the vehement replies some people sent about the idea of having a few ads on the show to generate some funds to support the effort involved. I understand why people don’t like the idea, but I am also continuously surprised at how many people want a free lunch everyday too.
    Appreciate what you’ve got here- and donate if you can to make it last!

  20. Marc Andonian | Oct 30 2005 - 12:49

    To paul (2nd quote from top)

    Take it easy on Adam. You ask why on earth listeners should donate to his dream system? Usually people who do what Adam’s doing get paid. Putting together a couple podcasts a week is time consuming. Adam could have asked the same question you did “Why on earth would I put all this work into a show for free?” but his generously didn’t and does a grreat service to the mac community. I don’t think it’s greedy at all. For all he does, and his love of macs, he deserves an awesome quad system.

    Heck, he’s even giving listeners prizes for the 100th show! Adam, I wish I was a millionare, I’d do one better – 16 gigs of the ECR ram, and a second 30″ display. Sadly, I’m a poor college student, but maybe oneday…

  21. Chet | Oct 31 2005 - 09:16

    It might be more attainable if you opted for one 23 inch instead of two 30 inches. You could also save by buying 3rd party RAM and only 2-4 gb instead of 8.

  22. Michael | Nov 03 2005 - 10:52

    Hmmm…why not just wait for the MacIntel’s to come out? It seems like you’re dream system will be obsoleted instantly.

    Hmmm when we were kids we’d configure dream G4 systems for like $20,000 on the website.