Interview with Snowball’s PC Podcast

Written by: Adam Christianson

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Snowball's PCI had the opportunity recently to be interviewed by Steven “Snowball” Saylor of Snowball’s PC Podcast. Steven did a great interview and he really go into the why and how of the MacCast. We discuss how I began the MacCast and he really digs into my process for creating the show. We talk about content, show prep and all about the equipment I use to create the MacCast. Take a listen. I think you will find it very fun and informative.

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  1. Professor Wolf | Nov 22 2005 - 01:02

    Would like to have show notes with links to the equiptment you use. I went to his site and didnt see the link to show notes. Please help.

  2. snowball | Nov 22 2005 - 02:12

    On my site click on the “read more” link to see the shownotes of this interview.

  3. Nick Circosta | Nov 22 2005 - 09:31

    I quite enjoyed that :) Thanks Adam and Steven

  4. Lasse Christiansen | Nov 22 2005 - 10:47

    I only discovered this by accident. Know that it’s not exactly a MacCast. But still. It should have been posted directly to the existing maccast podcast. The Interview is way to interesting to miss by not going to the maccast website.

  5. Kiff Allen | Nov 22 2005 - 01:13

    what are these things?
    I just noticed them today, listening to the 11.20 cast…
    and just wondered what I have been missing?

    Is this the feature addtions that come with the enhanced version?
    and, what & when will I see that little iTunes icon in the future/what’s it called?

    -thanks to all you maccast listeners-

  6. Kiff Allen | Nov 22 2005 - 01:41

    woops… I’m being blocked.
    will have to upload the images somewhere else-

  7. Joshua | Nov 22 2005 - 04:14

    (Copy and paste the links posted in comment #5 to get them to work.)

    Those are bookmarks and are part of the eMacCast.

  8. David Young | Nov 23 2005 - 10:18

    Dude, you’re doing .NET and PHP crap by day? I pity the fool! You say it’s all just a programming environment to you… no one who’s used Cocoa would say that! (Think the Itchy and Scratchy movie.)

    BTW, the Apple IIGS rocked. Do you remember GNO/ME? I worked on that.

  9. Mike K | Nov 23 2005 - 11:08

    This was a great interview. I learned a whole lot about what it takes to do a Podcast.

    I agree that it would be nice to see show notes for all of the hardware, software and provider resources that you mentioned.

  10. Wilf | Nov 24 2005 - 11:43

    Well, thank you guys for this great show. I found it very informative, and as usual, I enjoyed listening :)

  11. KC Martin | Nov 24 2005 - 06:08

    Very interesting show…this answered a lot of my questions about how podcasts are produced and distributed. Thanks!!

  12. snowball | Nov 25 2005 - 03:39

    Thanks guys for listening! It was a great pleasure to be able to talk to Adam, and learn about all things MacCast. Stay tuned to for my podcast as well, my show deals with everything and anything in regards to how to make a podcast/vidcast and make it look awesome.

  13. Michael Kickingbear | Nov 25 2005 - 01:58

    Hi Adam,

    I LOVE the Mac cast! I am the director of video production and graphic design company in Connecticut. Our primary client is a casino, and several years ago, we made a decision early on to work from the apple platform.

    there were two attempts to get us to switch to the Windows platform, as the corporation that pays the bills got it in thier heads that beciase windows is less expencive than the Mac, we should switch.

    “Um… NO…” I said….and cited recent examples (back then) of how they origionally forced my group to use IBM’s os/2 with a “windows emulator” (YIKES)

    Anyway, we never looked back. I really enjoy your show, and find your information very useful. I am also a native american indian, and have my own podcast all about traditional and contemporary native American music. If you don’t mind playing my promo, it can be found at:

    Yes, I am a libsyn user as well, and I really enjoyed the interview that you recently did with “Snowball” Libsyn is a great service.

    Thanks very much for your show.

    -Michael Kickingbear

  14. John Dowtrive | Nov 26 2005 - 07:09

    How many times did the other guy say ‘definitely’, or ‘exactly’? I like the mac cast, but the other guy seems like a novice that stumbles 10x before a sentence comes out.

  15. Mike Dallos | Nov 30 2005 - 02:08

    Hi Adam,

    Enjoy your show very much, and have done so since last winter; however, I am having a problem downloading last Friday’s (Nov. 25th) podcast onto my iPodderX program. I get a “download error” message with the “red arrow.” I have an eMac, G4, 768 mb of ram, on Panther 10.3.9 and an iBook also with 768 mb and 10.3.9. I wonder if it’s an iPodder problem or something with your feed? I look forward to listening soon to this and future MacCasts.
    I got my first Apple”+” in 1982 and have been with Apple and Macintosh ever since. I am a retired high school teacher, now working at the university level, and know of no other system as beneficial to education than the Mac. I supervise “Student Teachers” at Wayne State University in Detroit and urge all of them to employ technology in their classrooms–including podcasting.

    Mike Dallos
    Wyandotte, Michigan