Turn your Old iPod into a Video Recorder

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: News

The iSee 360 is a new product that promises to turn any iPod into a personal video recorder and playback device. This looks pretty cool. It has a 3.6″ color LCD screen on the front and your iPod docks into the back of the unit to store your recorded video. It does MPEG2/4 and Windows Media video formats and will cost about $249.00 USD. That price plus the cost of an older iPod puts it right in-line with some of the other hard disk based video player/recorders on the market. If anyone get their hands on one of these drop us a review will ya?

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  1. Nick Circosta | Jan 04 2006 - 05:42

    yes saw that earlyer today, Wicked isnt it :)

  2. Cfsporn | Jan 04 2006 - 05:06

    I want one for my photo.

  3. isaiah1112 | Jan 04 2006 - 08:50

    Hmm… I would like to see them modify it for a new 5th gen iPod… A bigger screen to watch the video on would be really nice!

  4. Nick Allen | Jan 04 2006 - 12:42

    Why wouldn’t they make a white version too? It would be quite the little package if it matched the iPod.

    Also has anyone been to their site? Everything is coming soon, where do you buy one of these things at?

  5. Morpheus | Jan 04 2006 - 02:27

    Is this realing thing? It looks like their site is not complete since I some of link pages showing “Coming Soon”. I just bought Achos AV 500 100GB PVR. Records from DirectTV/Dish satellites receiver, record DVD playbacks and you can schedule shows record too and it’s come IR Blaster to changes channels. Go check it out….

  6. Morpheus | Jan 04 2006 - 02:15

    Sorry Achos AV 500 100GB PVR = Archos AV 500 100GB PVR… BTW, Display is awesome….

  7. Bruce | Jan 05 2006 - 11:40

    Looks to me that it only works with iPods that have a Dock connection. That rules me out for this device. My 1G iPod only connects over FireWire.

  8. DEML247 | Jan 05 2006 - 12:08

    One more thing. One statement says that the 60 GB iPod will not fit into the device, yet another reference about battery life between a 20 GB and 60 GB is made. Bad usage of the battery life reference when none of the 60 GB iPods are supported.