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Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Random Thoughts

appleII videoThe MacBook Pro is an awesome display of the latest and greatest technology Apple has to offer, but the old stuff is still pretty good too. A couple of listeners had pointed me to this site which features a music video programmed in Applesoft II on a 1979 Apple ][+ with 48K of RAM. I reminded me of the hours I spent in my youth programming BASIC on an Apple ][ e. This one really took me back. It is a great reminder of just how much an Apple computer can inspire creativity. Technology is only as great as the people who use it and Apple users are some of the best. Enjoy.

[ Apple ][ Music Video Link ]

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  1. Merlijn Van Holder | Jan 11 2006 - 11:42

    Really good stuff. :)

  2. Adam | Jan 11 2006 - 12:14

    I love this video, an oldee but goodee

  3. Buckdog | Jan 11 2006 - 08:39

    I saw this on Digg, cool vid.

  4. Paul Farnam | Jan 11 2006 - 09:08

    I must have played this video ten times in row. It’s an amazing video. The Apple II computer seems to have a quiet, undiscovered intelligence- Almost lonely.


  5. harry myhre | Jan 12 2006 - 07:56

    Saw it on digg too. Very well done. Its all good.

  6. Bill Shirley | Jan 15 2006 - 08:26

    What a throwback. Remember the 40-column to 80-column jump? Flipping the 4″ floppy disc over before the game even started? Good times.

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