CoverFlow: Flip through your iTunes Library

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Cool Stuff

If you are old school and prefer the feel of rifling through your CD collection to browsing the Library in iTunes then this may be the App to help bridge your digital divide. CoverFlow is a beautifully designed media player that integrates with iTunes and allows you to visually select the tracks you want to hear. It’s hard to describe, but the website features a video that show it off well. Basically think of it like filpping through a stack of CDs to find the music you want. I just looks freakin’ awesome. While the current version is just a “technology” preview, it worked great for me on my G4 iBook. It does require Tiger and at least a RAGE 128 graphics card, but beyond that it performs beautifully. This is really fun and shows off the power and creativity of the Mac well. I can’t wait to see the fully finished product.


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  1. Mark Fleser | Jan 19 2006 - 07:57

    The requirements are NOT a RAGE 128. It doesn’t work on it.

  2. Steveo | Jan 19 2006 - 08:11

    Dose not run on my Intel imac guess its not universal

  3. Ben | Jan 19 2006 - 09:17

    Nice app there, no problems thus far, looks great and performs great. I like the ability to type in the name or part of the name of the artist. I had my sound down so I didn’t realize that when you click the artwork it loads the album and plays it in iTunes, but I turned them up and everything sounds and looks great. Check it out.


  4. Ben | Jan 19 2006 - 09:12

    Oh yeah, I am using the 1.42 Mac Mini w/512mb Ram and everything is moving smothly.

  5. Cfsporn | Jan 19 2006 - 11:15

    A very cool app.

  6. craigeth | Jan 20 2006 - 05:49

    this was featured by amber on call for help a while back. as she was flipping through, one of the album arts was for the maccast and leo says, “hey there’s the maccast, great show” and amber says, “yeah i love the maccast. i listen to it all the time”

    or something like that. its weird that i keep finding all these things that feature the maccast. like i sent an email to adam a week or so back cause id seen the maccast featured in a front row review in UK magazine MacFormat.

    well done.

  7. Wilf | Jan 20 2006 - 09:27

    Yeah Craigeth, the maccast really is something :)

    I think this app looks beautiful, so apple-ish! I bet they’d thought of it themselves :P

  8. one1step1 | Jan 20 2006 - 09:13

    I have always wanted to be able to browse like this in
    my iPod…have it scroll the albums, sort of like it does photos… I never though about doing it on my desktop.

    Great little App!
    If this was built into itunes people would be oooh &

  9. Gog | Jan 20 2006 - 11:34

    This is a great application, very beautifully and subtly designed and executed. It was mentioned a couple of weeks ago by Kevin Rose on Diggnation. It’s in beta, though, and will expire on January 25. Hopefully it will be replaced by the final version.

  10. Maedi | Jan 20 2006 - 11:38

    Looks great, site seems to be down, ill try later..

  11. Jehan | Jan 21 2006 - 04:57

    This application is awesome. It runs smooth on my iBook G4.

  12. Craig Patchett | Jan 22 2006 - 12:47

    Very nicely done, although more something to show off the Mac than to use on a daily basis.

  13. cpheltai | Jan 24 2006 - 11:31

    I checked out the website and it looks great! is there another version, or a similar application, from another site maybe, that works without tiger? if anyone knows anything please leave a link.

  14. Bryan Clark | Sep 03 2008 - 12:50

    The website definitely works wonderfully. Great find, and I’m glad that I spotted your site. It’s nice to have a place where us Mac geeks can hang out… Kudos!