I pity the fool who doesn’t download my iTunes video

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Podcast

ateam.pngThe iTunes music store has been updated with a bunch of new video content from MTV, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, NBC and others like Channel N (???). Now you can get Dora the Explorer, Sponge Bob, Bevis and Butthead, South Park and more great 80s content like the A-Team. “I love it when a plan comes together”. There is a lot more there too. If you haven’t checked out the TV section in a while go over and see for yourself. It keeps getting better and better.

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  1. ipodman | Jan 26 2006 - 04:41

    South Park!! and Mr Hankey the Christmas poo small and brown he comes from you sit on the toilet here he comes squeese and twine your festive buns, a present from down below spreading joy with a howdy ho he’s seen the love inside of you kos hes a piece of POO!. at last they have explicit tags on the shows

  2. Chris | Jan 26 2006 - 05:56

    All this stuff is on Bit Torrent. Why bother paying for this.. I could TiVo it anyway.. there is no way I’d pay for any of this. You guys obviously have enough money…

  3. Seth | Jan 26 2006 - 06:05

    Never thought MTV would bugde, Bevis & Butthead… Golden

  4. Dave | Jan 26 2006 - 06:47

    I want The WB! There were WB shows that I was able to watch on other networks last season, but this season they decided not to carry any shows from The WB. Dish Network doesn’t offer it and BitTorrent is to risky. Seems like the MPAA and Paramount are going after everbody these days.

  5. Ruth | Jan 26 2006 - 08:33

    Yeah Chris, well some of us have issues with doing illegal stuff. Freaky I know, but it’s true.

    The quality doesn’t look good enough for TV, but Dora the Explorer … oh boy! 1.99 per epsiode isn’t bad when you only get 4 on a DVD and according to my 2 year old you can never have too much Dora! ;o) If I was crazy enough to get her a 5th gen iPod … but no, I don’t think so, not just yet and we’ve already got most of those episodes on DVD :o)

  6. mac user X | Jan 26 2006 - 08:59

    dammit, when can i actually get live TV?

  7. Nick Circosta | Jan 26 2006 - 08:14

    cool :)

  8. Joshua | Jan 26 2006 - 08:05

    Chris, there are two problems with the BitTorrent method:

    1. It’s illegal.
    2. It isn’t user friendly, or as unified as iTunes. iTunes makes it simple.

    As for TiVo, there isn’t a good (read: easy) way to get those files to your iPod, or to convert them. Sure there are ways to do that, but the majority of people will not be able to.

    The introduction of the iTunes Video Store is a good thing and is pushing the tech world forward.

    And yes, I won’t be downloading any of them (I’m broke!)

  9. craigeth | Jan 26 2006 - 11:47

    when oh when will australia get the itunes tv store.. *crys*

  10. ihatebillg | Jan 27 2006 - 05:06

    My 2yr old son love my 5g ipod
    he sits on the couch and watches elmo/bob the builder when i want to watch CSI or Crossing Jordan

    I record my own with a Miglia AlchemyTV DVR

    but i only have basic cable so I like that itunes is geting more content

    if iTunes has a show I want I will buy it before I spend the time recording it and recoding it for iTunes


  11. Marc | Jan 27 2006 - 07:53

    Bring it to the UK

  12. Syar | Jan 27 2006 - 04:43

    I agree Marc we need and iTunes Video Store in the UK

  13. Louis | Jan 28 2006 - 03:45

    Neat, but I want re-runs of classic sitcoms, like I Love Lucy and The Cosby Show…then I might buy some .


  14. Tom | Feb 05 2006 - 01:33

    Channel N (also known as The N) is a network with teen-geared shows.