Penny-Arcade Gets It!

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Random Thoughts

pa_switch.pngThe Penny-Arcade,, is a great web comic that mostly focuses on gaming. Of course we know that most gamers are also PC users, but it looks like Tycho and Gabriel (the guys behind Penny-Arcade) are becoming switchers. They sat down and actually used a Mac for a week and have confirmed what I always try to explain, but seems so elusive unless you just use a Mac. As Tyco writes in his latest post, “What I have ascertained is not that PCs as we know them lack good design, but that PCs as we know them have hardly any design to speak of. I’m not trying to be insulting. Use a Mac for a week, and we’ll talk again.” Check out their latest comic and blog post and you can see a good account of the computer enlightenment that takes place when you use a Mac. See I am not crazy.

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  1. craigeth | Mar 06 2006 - 12:34

    now that gabe and tycho have switch, us mac users can accomplish anything.

  2. chris | Mar 06 2006 - 02:13

    the comic reminds me of Broke-Mac Mountain…

  3. Gribouille | Mar 06 2006 - 05:17

    “See I am not crazy” Sorry Adam, don’t see that as proof but surely that’s the bit that makes MacCast different/better/more informative/entertaining? Now where did I put that white coat?

  4. greg | Mar 06 2006 - 12:40

    When I encounter pc users now I get; “I know mac is superior” and “I am switching because” over and over again. It feels that even pc users are dedicated to crossing with a vengance if they can ever get the money together.

  5. Dave L from Temecula, CA | Mar 06 2006 - 02:26

    Greg – I second that, but from the other side.

    I AM a PC guy who’s switching (already ordered my MBP). But then again I already had one foot in the door for years being a linux hobbyist.

  6. g0rdo | Mar 06 2006 - 02:51


  7. Eternalnewb | Mar 06 2006 - 04:46

    Too bad it takes a famous comic strip writer to convince people that Macs are awesome…

  8. WIll Risbourg | Mar 06 2006 - 05:44

    Cool! people should promote macs as much as possible. Trust me, Adam, PC users are way more insane than you are.

  9. craigeth | Mar 07 2006 - 01:10

    i wonder if hawk from had anything to do with this.

  10. Rob K | Mar 07 2006 - 05:46

    A buddy of mine switched, and said his 2 favorite things about the Mac are:
    1) Once you realize something really is that simple, you’re fine.
    2) If you don’t tell the Mac to do something, it doesn’t do anything.

    In one week, he was completely at home with his new iMac!