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Written by: Adam Christianson

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Well I of course have always been a big fan on Nitrozac and Snaggy’s Joy of Tech and I love Penny-Arcade and PvP. So, how is it I could have missed this one. AppleGeeks looks incredible. It is amazing how the Internet is freeing media and content creators in all genres to get their work out to the masses. Web Comics, Podcasts, Blogs, Video. I love this stuff. I am sure there are many other web-based Geek comics out there, so if you get a chance head over to this forum thread and post your favs.

[ Favorite Geek Web Comics ]

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  1. Alex Santos | Mar 07 2006 - 04:39

    Joy of Tech…brilliantly funny

  2. Perry | Mar 07 2006 - 10:00

    Oh man, some of those Apple Geek comics are absolutely brilliant. Issue 98 cracks me up, it sounds so much like me.

  3. Mike Tether | Mar 08 2006 - 08:08

    Adam, The sheer amount of stuff that you miss is astounding. The fact that you missed this one surprises no one.

    I love the show, but you’re not exactly ‘on top of things’ when it comes to what real Mac geeks are aware of. (Hint, there’s several other really good Mac centric comics out there as well)

  4. ihatebillg | Mar 08 2006 - 08:15 rarely updated but still funny

  5. craigeth | Mar 10 2006 - 05:38

    did you find this from my comment on the penny-arcade post, adam? you gotta love geeks gone wild.

  6. maccast | Mar 11 2006 - 01:44

    Of course I did ;)