MacCast 03.26.2006

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 128. Windows Vista delayed until 2007. Rumor of Virtualization technology in Leopard. US supports Apple in French DRM ruling. Adobe CEO reveals dates for Studio CS 3. Windows XP on Mac review and XP on Mac benchmarking. Warning on using Migration Assistant with Intel Macs. Question about Motorola RAZR V3 support in OS X and the longevity of software for PowerPC Macs. Airport Extreme Card antenna connector issue. Tip to securely empty the trash. Question on iTunes video playback performance vs. Quicktime.

New music, Tangerienes & Cigerettes by The Society of Rockets

Eh, what’s up Doc?

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  1. g0rdo | Mar 26 2006 - 07:19


  2. Jason | Mar 26 2006 - 08:50


    I’ve read here and there on blogs and forums that XP performs better on Apple hardware than it does on the hardware actually intended for XP. I wonder if that’s true or if people are just excited and overly optimisitc.

    My main curiosity this week – why have we not seen an official announcement from Apple about their 30th anniversary on Saturday? There are a lot of rumors (video iPod, Mac Tablet, etc.), but I’ve not seen an invitation card, any sort of “fun items” hints, nada. I just checked and there’s no mention of anything on April 1st except for an event that ends on that date in Germany.

    Have any MacCast listeners seen anything official? Or is this the unCola of announcements? “The unAnnouncement”.


  3. Nick Circosta | Mar 27 2006 - 02:02

    ohh apple likes to go with BIG things :P

    apple probably wont have a press event, maybe a live webcast .. a countdown.. i think apple is up to something :)

    lol , maybe even make there website go into one that looks 30 years old :P with an online store..

  4. Sekhmet | Mar 27 2006 - 03:59

    I have a Motorola Razr v3 and OS X 10.4.5. Maybe it’s because I’m in Switzerland (who knows, different phone carrier) but I need absolutely no hack or anything. Ordinary connect with Bluetooth, browse the device and download the pictures…

  5. Nick Circosta | Mar 27 2006 - 05:53

    Yeh same here with my V600 wich isnt all that different to the RAZR, just Bluetooth it and click on browse phone

  6. Conrad | Mar 28 2006 - 12:14

    I used migration assistant with my core duo 20 inch and had no problem.

  7. Nick Circosta | Mar 28 2006 - 05:55

    B-Call, this is short for Bonjour calling, it will allow every phone to see each other within a network (automaticly and via an Ad-Hoc network when not connected to a wifi lan) and call it as if it were calling its normal number, this call will not count towards any of your plan ect, Its kind of like Bonjour messaging useing iChat, This is not limited to the handset alone and computers connected to the network will also be able to see the phone and call it, ann from within iChat for PC

  8. dogsbylori | Mar 28 2006 - 10:10

    No hack needed to transfer RAZR to Mac, just bluetooth, go to page 84 & 85 of Motomanual that came with RAZR and it tells how, you go to your picture click on a menu in your phone and copy to mac, do it all the time. Several photos on my lastest Video Blog are actually from my Razr.

  9. macboyx | Mar 28 2006 - 12:27

    There is a program in your utilities folder called Bluetooth File Exchange. This application connects to ur Moto phone via Bluetooth and lets you browse and copy not only pictures from the camera but also MP3 ringtones and wall papers.

    It’s the easiest way to get things on an off your Bluetooth phone.

  10. g0rdo | Mar 28 2006 - 06:27

    Yes… I always notice the crap video playback in iTunes and I always :

    1: right-click the video
    2: click show file (…something)
    3: right-click on that file
    4: choose open with > QuickTime Player

    the only problem is that I do not have QuickTime Pro and so I rely on iTunes for *free* full-screen playback

  11. Denis Lynch | Mar 29 2006 - 09:13

    iTunes adds a bunch of overhead to playing videos. The only thing I know of that’s useful out of this overhead is being able to play over the network. Oh, and setting the last played date.

    If you want to watch a video from your disc, on your screen, QuickTime is higher quality, and has video controls even in full screen.

    There’s a great hint about this on the O’Reilly’s mac devcenter:

    One cool thing about this script is that it puts QuickTime Player in full screen mode, even if you don’t have Pro.

  12. lol | Mar 30 2006 - 06:55

    Stop being so biased agansted windows…you just bash.

  13. Alex | Mar 30 2006 - 12:06

    For the V3 RAZR user, just to write it out explicitly…

    1. On your phone, click the middle directional button which takes you to all the applications on your phone. One of the groups of apps is called “Settings,” select it. In settings, select “Connections,” then “Bluetooth Link.” Click setup, select “Power: On,” and below that, choose any name you’d like for your phone. At the top of that list, select “Find me,” and your phone will say it will be discoverable via bluetooth for 60 seconds. If the next step takes you longer than 60 seconds, you may have to select “find me” again.

    2. On your Mac, in the top right corner of your screen next to the time and volume controls, find the bluetooth icon, turn it on, and then select “Set up Bluetooth device.” The Bluetooth Setup Assistant app will appear and ask what kind of device you want to setup, select “Mobile phone.” The app will scan the area to look for your phone. It should show up, under the name you designated in step one. Pick your phone from the list and click continue. Your Mac will generate a number key set, and you’ll have to type those keys into your phone when it asks, then press continue on your Mac. After your phone is paired, your Mac will give you the option of setting it up with iSync and for use as a modem. I won’t get into that, since this post is already long enough!

    3. After you’re done pairing, on your Mac, back at the top again, click on the bluetooth icon, and this time, select “Browse Device.” From there, select your phone from the menu and click “browse.” A bluetooth browser for your phone will pop up, for which the V3 should list three folders: audio, picture, video. If you want to pull photos taken with the camera, select the “picture” folder, find the photo(s) you’d like to have on your Mac, then click the “Get” button. A dialog will drop down to ask you where to save the picture(s). After you select where to put the photo(s), you should see a progress bar that shows the speed of the transfer from your phone to Mac. You can also add files to your phone with this process, by instead of selecting “get” by clicking “send.”

    Sorry for the lengthy post, but sometimes it helps us all to spell things step-by-step. I don’t think I left anything out, but please feel free to correct any steps in the above process. Hope it helps.

  14. maccast | Mar 30 2006 - 01:59

    How did I “bash” Windows? Just curious?