MacCast 04.28.2006

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 134. Next gen iPods to use Samsung chips, Apple may be planning ads for iTunes, Shake Universal coming in May, iPod formated videos on Blue-Ray discs, Apple cuts Aperture developers loose, Jobs paints rosey Apple future for shareholders. MacCast One Minute Tip #13 – Screen Views. MacCast Mini BootCamp and Parallels update. A random listener comment. Save money. Buy a 17″ MacBook Pro. Is BootCamp Apple’s push back into education? More Apple products making animal noises. Moo. Eep.

New music, Not Alive by 8Stops7

Well, those are the boobs that make our laws. That’s the democratic process.

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  1. TomB | Apr 28 2006 - 09:42

    Great show Adam!

  2. JoeP | Apr 28 2006 - 12:36

    Scott, in your segment about Parallels you asked about sharing files between Mac and Windows sessions, and I wanted to suggest a free service/software app to do the job — FolderShare (see for more info). FolderShare (recently acquired by Microsoft) offers P2P clients for Mac OS X and Windows, and enables automatic folder synchronization among multiple computers.

    I’ve successfully used this in XP running in a Parallels VM; it’s not completely instantaneous, but takes no longer than copying a file.

    Hope you find the info useful.

  3. Nick Circosta | Apr 28 2006 - 08:21

    mmm interesting episode

  4. Jason | Apr 28 2006 - 09:07

    Guys, why not just format the C drive with FAT32? OSX reads FAT32 drives with ease. (NTFS is another story.) The average XP partition is likely to be under 10GB, so FAT32 should perform just fine.

    From OSX, you can open that drive and save any number of files to the MyDocuments folder (or anywhere else you want, like C;\FromOSX).

    When you switch over to XP, the files are there and available. If you want to move files from XP back to OSX, then just keep them in the same dir and grab them from within OSX, or make a special folder under XP’s MyDocs (like “Transfer to OSX”) and move files to and fro with no 3rd party software needed.

  5. greg | Apr 29 2006 - 03:46

    hey great show adam, howdy from australia, have been an avid listener since the start.

  6. Chelsea | Apr 29 2006 - 04:49

    I was wondering, why doesn’t the eMacCast show this episode? It just usually takes a few days for new episodes to show up in iTunes, can someone tell me why is this?

  7. David Ross | Apr 30 2006 - 09:10

    With Parallels, all the issues you had with it can be fixed by installing the Parallels tools. To do this select “Install Parallels tools…” in the VM menu. I have done this and it works well. To summarize the tools allow for:
    Clipboard Sharing
    Better video display
    Seamless mouse/keyboard capture/uncapture
    Improved Network Connection
    Time Sync
    Shared Folders

    Of these I haven’t tried the shared folders, but on the parallels forums there doesn’t seem to be many complaints on it.

  8. g0rdo | May 03 2006 - 07:45

    hey Adam, I noticed you did some work on the eMacCast logo, a brighter red on that E

    he, he


  9. maccast | May 03 2006 - 10:33

    Nope Gordo sorry I haven’t touched it since I first created it. Guess you just have a brighter outlook on life. That’s a good thing. :D