MacBook Disassembled

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Cool Stuff

Well I am glad there are people out there who are willing to risk destroying a state of the art Mac laptop just so geeks like me can drool over their technologically advanced guts. I just hope for this MacBook there is life after death.


[ Images of MacBook Disassembly ]

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  1. Dan | May 18 2006 - 05:10

    This cannot be legal!!
    Why do things like this to a beautifull machine!!

  2. craigeth | May 18 2006 - 06:35

    its so small

  3. Bruce Aguilar | May 18 2006 - 07:40

    I’ll never understand why this happens with every new hardware release from Apple. Is the general Mac community so fascinated by circuit boards? I mean there can’t be that many people who drool over these pics. Can there?

    I thought I was geeky, but spending thousands of dollars on a Mac just to tear it apart and post the shots online is either the height of geekiness or a sign of madness.

    I’m going to go have a cry for that poor MacBook now.

  4. Russ Hoorn | May 18 2006 - 08:15

    No disassemble. Number 5 is alive!!