iTunes Podcasting Turns 1!

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Cool Stuff

itunes_podcast1.pngWell thanks to Shooby and Colm, I just found out that Apple is celebrating the 1st anniversary of Podcast support in iTunes. Apple has set up a special section in the iTunes Music Store and the MacCast is one of the featured podcasts. I can say it is truly an honor to be featured along side other pioneering shows like TWiT, TikiBar TV, RocketBoom and others who Apple selected for this category. When I started the MacCast it was to try and deliver Mac news in a format that was easy to digest while on a commute to work. From there it grew and became a way to extend my experiences with my local Mac community and User Group. Now the MacCast has really become a global Mac community and it provides a way for us to get together a few times a week and discuss “all things Macintosh”. I had hopes, but really no idea that podcasting or the MacCast would become what it is today. I want to thank all of you who take the time to listen to a Mac Geek in his spare bed room talk about one of his passions. Without you, the listeners, there is no MacCast. This celebration is as much yours as it is mine. So grab some cake and punch and thanks for a great year on iTunes. I look forward to many more.

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  1. Paul | Jun 28 2006 - 10:31

    Great job adam and congrats.

  2. James “Psy” Kocsis | Jun 28 2006 - 12:07

    Very Cool! They should’ve linked the enhanced version but I guess you can’t really complain.


    I clicked on the subscibe link and it said that the item I have selected isn’t currently available in the US. Weird.

  3. Steve Harris | Jun 28 2006 - 01:34

    Happy iTunes anniversary Adam, and congrats on getting featured.

  4. Wilf | Jun 28 2006 - 02:42

    Hi Adam, and well done! YOur show is definitely one of the best podcasts around, and you should be awarded with a medal or something for you hard work! I joined the MacCast with the release of iTunes 4.9, and I’ve been subscribed since.

    Thanks a lot!

  5. jim | Jun 28 2006 - 03:40

    Adam, I just had to say I think Apple should have put your podcast on that page. You earned it! Keep up the great work!!!!!

  6. Alex | Jun 28 2006 - 04:15

    Felicidades Adam!

  7. Dick Noordhuizen | Jun 28 2006 - 09:06

    Happy birthday Adam!
    Love your show. Good luck with the hardware problem!

    Luna3 Marketingcommunications
    The Netherlands

  8. Bruce Aguilar | Jun 29 2006 - 07:14

    Wow, it’s only been one year since iTunes has featured podcasts? It seems like so much longer. Maybe it’s because I’ve been listening longer than that. Still, it’s incredible how podcasting has changed since iTunes started supporting them. I love my podcasts and can’t imagine not having them now. I guess it just goes to show how quickly we can adapt to new techonologies. Thanks to Apple for making the huge growth in podcasting possible.

    Adam, your show has always been a favorite of mine. You’ve completely earned your placement on the podcasting birthday page (and more). I can only imagine what a huge commitment it must be to put out all these shows. Thank you and enjoy your recognition.

  9. Cade | Dec 20 2006 - 02:48

    Hey all.
    I have Windows XP.
    What are some of the video podcasting software that produces video podcasts for the PC compatible with video ipods and apple itunes?