MightMouse goes wireless

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Editorial

mightymouseback.pngCan losing the cord save the mediocre Mighty Mouse?

Well at least Apple finally caught a clue and fixed one of my major complaints about the Mighty Mouse. It should have been Bluetooth from the beginning, especially since every Mac currently ships with Bluetooth built-in. Now, I actually bought an original Mighty Mouse and I was really excited about finally having an Apple designed mouse with two buttons and scrolling. I even used it for a while, but the truth is it now lives life in a bottom desk drawer (a fate I feel many a Mighty Mouse may have met). My reasons for abandoning the Mighty Mouse are unknown even to me. The only answer I have is an esoteric one and it involves knowing that using the Mighty Mouse just never felt quite right. The mouse-ball was fun to play with, but was never really as practical as a scroll-wheel. The “squeeze” button was always awkward to use and the invisible right mouse button never seemed to be as functional as the button on a true two-button mouse. Lastly there was the wire. It just never made sense considering all the great wireless two-button scroll-wheel mouse options available from Microsoft, Logitech and others. So while Apple has lost the wire, and that is a good thing, I think this new revision of the Mighty Mouse may end up being the “Almost but Really Just Not Quite Mighty Mouse with Bluetooth”.

UPDATE: I just read that the new version is also laser based and not optical, which is a nice improvement, but doesn’t really fix the issues I mentioned above.

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  1. iJay | Jul 25 2006 - 01:02

    I love all the buttons on my Logitech MX500 mouse. I simply cannot give that up, sorry Apple. And like you said Adam, I would probably end up putting the Mighty Mouse with Bluetooth in a drawer.

  2. Pierre van Mouche | Jul 25 2006 - 01:19

    Hello Adam,

    It is just one ago I switched to Apple and I still love my G5 as well as my iBook. However, starting day-1 I missed the second button. As I did not want to use non-Apple devices I sticked to the Apple bluetooth mouse; even when the Mighty Mouse appeared I didn’t buy it as I really like to wireless version.

    A couple of month ago I tried using a LogiTech mouse – I was very happy with the second button – but it felt inappropriate using a non-Apple mouse. So I continued using the original one.

    I borrowed a Mighty Mouse from a friend and used it for a couple of days. It worked fine but in a way the LogiTech mouse was eassier to handle. It may just be the fact I use a standard 3-button mouse at the office (WindowsXP, sorry …); it may take some more time to get used to the behaviour of the Mighty Mouse, but right now it does not really feel natural.

    Apple did not add the bluetooth Mighty Mouse to the Dutch WebStore, but pretty sure that will happen very soon. I will buy one allthough I have some mixed feelings about it: after one year working with a single button mouse, I got pretty much used to it. So who knows, my new one may end up in the desk drawer also – I’ll let you know.

    By the way: compliments with your show. I enjoy it very much. Good work !

  3. Neil Forker | Jul 25 2006 - 02:47

    I agree with you that the Mighty Mouse should have been a Bluetooth device from the beginning. However, I never thought the Mighty Mouse was as functional as other two button mice. I personally use a Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer (the one with the leather-like finish) and I love it! I purchased it well before I made the switch to Mac and was elated to know that it would still work with my iMac G5.

    When the MM was released, I stopped by my local Apple Store to check it out, and I knew instantly that I could never use one. Not because of the wire, but because of how the right button worked. When I am using a mouse, I never lift my fingers. However, in order to right click with a MM, I found that I could only get it to work if I lifted my left finger off of the mouse. I didn’t like that at all. SO, I’m still happily computing with my Microsoft mouse.

    What I WOULD like to know is how much better the laser technology is compared to the optical. Also, has anyone out there purchased a Microsoft Mouse that features Bluetooth. Will they work with a Mac? Hmm… :)


  4. Aaron | Jul 25 2006 - 08:30

    Am I the only one kinda bummed about the $70 price tag? To me that seems a little steep!

  5. Chris | Jul 25 2006 - 08:19

    I’ve been waiting for this product forever! Now it has finally come and I jumped on the opportunity to purchase a 2-button mouse from Apple. After reading these reviews of the original wired Mighty Mouse, I’m am now a little skeptical, but I’ll let you know as soon as it arrives on my doorstep!

  6. maccast | Jul 25 2006 - 09:26

    I know my assessment seems pretty grim, but remember its all just opinion and preference. You may love the Mighty Mouse. I personally just feel it didn’t live up to the hype or the price tag. For me it is just an “OK” mouse. Apple usually does a great job in revolutionizing technology, here they were just average. Not only that, but they should of had this product (a 2-button muse) out 5 years ago. So they are just average and way too late to the party.

  7. Don | Jul 25 2006 - 09:56

    Ok, so reading this feedback, I too am skeptical. What model is the Kensington you’re talking about? It’s wireless? Also, I have the earlier G5 iMac without Bluetooth and have read some horrible reviews about the D-Link DBT-120 adapter that I would need to operate it. Any recommendations?

  8. Bruce | Jul 25 2006 - 10:42

    Maybe it’s my fanboy tendancies, but I’ve always loved my MM. The right click and scrool ball took me a bit to get accoustomed to, but once I did, it was smooth sailing. My only complaints were that you couldn’t program the squeeze boutton to be a ‘back’ button in Safari and the steep price tag.

    I’m very znxious to pick up the new wireless MM. My only complaint – again the high price point. $70 for a mouse? It seems ridiculously high. Still, I know myself and the lure of it’s beauty and wirelessness will win me over in the end.

    If you are questioning wether you’ll like the MM, get yourself to an Apple store (or reseller) and try it out. Just remember that it may take you awhile to get used to it. I was comfortable after about a total of 3-4 hours.

  9. Graeme Smith | Jul 25 2006 - 11:42

    Well, I’ve been using the Mighty Mouse for quite a while and I think its great. The side buttons are great and right clicking works fine. So I suppose its something some people like and others don’t.

  10. Les | Jul 26 2006 - 05:56

    Mice are very personal. I use a wired Logitek with all the trimmings on my Powerbook and I love it, but my Intel iMac has a wired Mighty Mouse and I love that too. So much depends on the way you use your computer. For example, I use the Powerbook mainly for writing and internet so scrolling up and down with the wheel works well and the “back” button by my thumb is extremely handy!

    I use my iMac for the iLife & Pro apps stuff. The little scrolling mouse ball is intuitive and works great in those programs.

    Three things Adam said that I agree with 100%: Firstly, this is the mouse Apple should have come out with a year ago (along with the wired Mighty Mouse.) Second, squeezing the mouse is screwy. Finally, $70 is a bit steep. It’s on par with what Logitek gets for a wireless laser mouse but the Logitek is more flexible and comes with a charging station.

  11. Les | Jul 26 2006 - 06:45

    One more thing…

    The fact that Apple is coming out with this new mouse 2 weeks before WWDC might mean that they don’t want it to be pushed in the background by the other BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS! Big stuff a comin’! Drool!

  12. Jason | Jul 26 2006 - 12:20

    I do not have a ton of experience with the various mice on the market. With that said, I have the corded Mighty Mouse and love it. Mine is very responsive and the scroll ball works great. You do have to be a little more precise with finger placement, but we could all be a little less sloppy anysways. Not to mention that I love the aesthetics of it with my G5….

  13. Tony | Jul 26 2006 - 03:30

    Well, I’ve used the Mighty Mouse since it came out and I love it. I ordered the wireless version immediately.

  14. Doug | Jul 27 2006 - 11:23

    I agree with your assessment Adam.

    Logitec already makes a USB-saving Bluetooth that’s first class. Although I think it’s officially called the “Travel Mouse”, it’s nearly full sized, traditionally shaped, has two buttons (three if you count the center), and a classic scroll wheel. I’ve used it for nearly a year (EVERY day at work AND home) – and only replaced the batteries once. What’s more, it’s a nice shiny silver that matches the Powerbooks (and I assume the Macbook Pros).

    Get one of these, and you’ll not be dissapointed.

  15. Cody | Jul 28 2006 - 08:43

    I have been extremely happy with the Mighty Mouse. I think it is worlds better than any other mouse packaged with new pc’s. So if it came with a new Mac, I think you would be insane to replace it, as for the $59 price that is too high. I have noticed that all of the MM haters paid for it, the people that like it did not pay for it.

  16. Pierre van Mouche | Jul 29 2006 - 10:22

    Hello Adam,

    I promised to get back to you as soon as I received the new Mighty Mouse. Well, that happened last Wednesday.

    Of course I installed it right away (piece of cake as we expect from Apple anyway) and started using it for a couple of days.

    Today (Saterday) I made my choise: I will continue using this new mouse. It is much nicer using the wireless version than using the old one with the cable. It feels good and works fine. However, the Mighty Mouse should not be compared with (e.g.) the Logitech wireless mouses which feels definetely different. I think I need a couple of more days, but pretty sure I will never use any other mouse again ;-)

    I repead Dougs statement: Get one of these, you’ll not be dissapointed.