Another WWDC Banner – “Introducing Vista 2.0”

Written by: Adam Christianson

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Vista 2.0

Shooby showed this to me last night and I just saw it again on The Unofficial Apple Weblog, Flickr Find: Seen at WWDC 2006 – “Introducing Vista 2.0” banner. These images are from Mac Geek Gernot Poetsch. He is posting WWDC banner images from Moscone hall to his Flickr account. This one has a quote that looks like it says, ‘Introducing Vista 2.0’. One thing is for sure, Apple has a great sense of humor when it comes to poking fun at their rival.

There is another, not so visible image on Gernot’s Flickr account called Hasta la Vista. Vista. While these images are funny and look genuine, you have to wonder why Gernot didn’t position himself to get some better shots. I hope not, but this could turn out to be just some nice Photoshop work. It’s funny regardless.

(Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW).)

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  1. B. Minich | Aug 07 2006 - 11:57

    Maybe he’s figuring that if the images are crappy enough, everyone will KNOW it wasn’t a photoshop, seeing as how most photoshoppers actually try to make it look half decent.

  2. Rozza | Aug 08 2006 - 08:45

    Hasta la Vista Baby… this looks familiar…
    check out this joy of tech.