Parallels on Mac Pro not quite working?

Written by: Adam Christianson

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I just received an email from a listener who pointed me to this thread on the Parallels web site that indicates there may be a problem running the current final release and Beta versions of Parallels on Apple’s new Mac Pro systems. Looks like the currently available versions of the virtualization software are causing kernel panics for a number of users. The Parllels team says they are aware of this issue and have made releasing fix a “high priority”, but don’t provide any timeframe for the release of a patch. One tech in the thread does offer a temporary work around that involves switching OS X into “legacy (32-bit) mode”, but does warn the workaround is “unofficial (untested and unsupported)”. To make matters worse, as of this writing Parallels does not appear to be making customers aware this issue anywhere on their site other than in the forum thread. This means there may be customers out there still purchasing Parallels for use on their new Mac Pro who will end up in Windows purgatory and be forced to use Boot Camp until Parallels releases a fix. Stay tuned.

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  1. eodchop | Aug 24 2006 - 05:39

    I bought parallels the day i bought my mac pro. I assumed it would work and it didnt. I was trying to run Gentoo Linux and was not even available to start a VM. I scoured the forums on parallel’s website and found the post listed above. I was not going to try the work around after reading about numerous failures of various components. I emailed parallel’s and received this reply “Thank you for the email Ryan and sorry for the late response!

    Your order has been refunded and we expect to have a solution for the Mac Pro in a couple of weeks.” It took them 10 days to refund my money. In the mean time I am happy to report that Vista runs under BC.