Proof Apple plans to add movies Tuesday?

Written by: Adam Christianson

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In advance of Tuesdays Apple event there is, of course, a lot of consensus that Apple will be announcing the addition of full length feature films available for purchase on iTunes. Well now Apple’s web site appears to have an interesting anomaly as pointed out by listener Sam. Go to and take a look. Of course this page simply displays an error, but it is THE ERROR that is interesting. It shows a “403 Forbidden” error meaning there is content or at least a directory there possibly awaiting content. If you try the same trick with almost any other random value, for example, you will see Apple gives you a nicely formatted “Looking for something at” page instead of the standard ugly web error message. Now this may be nothing but a random fluke made to seem like more by a myriad of Apple meets Hollywood rumors, but it’s interesting either way don’t you think?

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  1. CC | Sep 10 2006 - 10:44

    That’s actually a directory where Apple keeps Quicktime movie trailers and has been around for a while, so doesn’t seem to have any connection with an iTunes movie store, alas.

  2. tyn66 | Sep 10 2006 - 10:17

    Well, that is some good news. Now I will have array of movies to choose from. Isn’t apple fantastic?

  3. maccast | Sep 10 2006 - 11:21

    Are you sure about that? I thought those videos were delivered by Akamai? I wouldn’t think Apple would store QuickTime movies on their main site.

  4. Phillip | Sep 11 2006 - 02:18

    Has anyone else noticed that quite a few major TV shows have not updated for a couple of weeks? For example Stargate SG-1, Atlantis and Blade have not had new epsiodes posted for about two weeks.

    Perhaps they are going to upgrade the quality of all the content available and so are holding off releasing new shows until they have the new format available?


  5. Mr Nice | Sep 11 2006 - 09:55

    Movies,We havent got tv shows yet in the uk,Come on apple

  6. Anonymous | Sep 11 2006 - 02:10

    I checked this out by looking at the location of one of the movie trailer files that are found in the source of the movie trailer pages. An example link: “”
    The file is located on the “” server instead of the “” server. These directories are different because if you go to “”, you are directed to the apple movie trailers site instead of being given the “Forbidden” Error that you get at “”. Just some claification.

  7. 6GiPod_ON_SEP_12th | Sep 11 2006 - 05:31

    YAY!!!! what i have to say is Movies on iTunes might be Gigabytes and gigabyes!! to store on an ipod…jeez but if apple is putting out movies, that means there has to be a iPod with a screen big enough to actually watch them

    which we are GARRENTEED to see an ipod Video which is hte 6G WOOT

  8. Parmeet | Sep 12 2006 - 05:42

    Is Adam gonna air a podcast today so that we can catch up? I’m really hoping an ipod comes out… its time..

  9. Graham | Sep 12 2006 - 05:33

    Well something is happening anyway. The uk ITMS is down. It says “It’s showtime. The iTunes Store is being updated.”

  10. Peter | Sep 12 2006 - 07:31

    Is anybody going to do a real time report on this event like the WWDC ?|

    Anybody got any links?

  11. Andrew | Sep 12 2006 - 08:11

    I went to the music store and all it will give me is white page with “iTunes music store” in gray.

  12. Phillip | Sep 12 2006 - 08:29

    MacRumors is doing a live report:

  13. John | Sep 12 2006 - 09:01

    The iTunes Music Store site is displaying “It’s Showtime” message.

  14. Ken | Sep 12 2006 - 09:08

    It looks like Apple may be streminmg it live in Quicktime.

  15. Abram | Sep 12 2006 - 09:35

    It’s tuesday Morning, and the store is being updated!

  16. David | Sep 12 2006 - 01:00

    It may be Showtime in the USA, but again here in the UK, no tv, no movies, no reason for a video ipod!

  17. mark | Sep 12 2006 - 04:49

    Well, looks like that wasn’t a sign at all. The link still goes to the same forbidden page.

  18. Graham | Sep 12 2006 - 04:45

    No movies, no tv shows in the uk. £3.99 for a game? And only 20Gb more space on the new iPod. What a jip. I’ve filled my 60Gb but I’m not shelling out another £300 for just another 20Gb. I’m holding out until it hits at least 100Gb.

  19. lars | Sep 12 2006 - 10:53

    the show time event was interesting, but not exiting for a mac user, the event was only interessation concerning ipod. I was hoping to see new cinema displays for instance or new keyboards that could light up like the macbook pro keyboard.

    the nanos are back to minies, so they were realizing that the nanos wasn’t a succes. tunes is abid confusing and maybe it is a bid windows kind.

    so the event was a good windows event, but for a mac user well a bid dul.