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Written by: Chris Christensen

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iPodulator Pro 2 from ThePlaceforitAll.com is an application for taking content form a variety of sources and making it available as Notes on your iPod.

The interface for the program is fairly simple to use although not rising to the level of elegant. The first thing you do is change your iPod settings so that it can be used as a disk and then select the iPod from iPodulator.


Then using iPodulator you can add in content from either:

  • a webpage
  • an RSS feed
  • an individual note
  • one of a series of text based quiz games included with the program


iPodulator can be set to update at a particular interval to fetch more recent content from the webpages and RSS feeds selected.

Since the iPod has a length limit for notes, larger pieces of information (like loading in the latest MacCast website) will be broken into a series of notes:


Clicking on one of these notes from the iPod (shown here on a nano) will bring you into a simple text based note.


The advantage of having some information as close as my iPod is immediately obvious to me, even if it’s not as obvious what data I would want to carry or what the best source of that data would be. With my involvement in a travel podcast I can imagine carrying information about online travel guides, current exchange rates, etc. Your preferred data set will no doubt vary.

Is iPodulator Pro 2 worth the price being charged for it? Well, currently the price is free so I think the answer to that would have to be yes. So, what data would you carry on your iPod?

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  1. Alex Curtis | Sep 24 2006 - 02:04

    Great review, Chris.

    I think this would be great for RSS feeds. I love listening to podcasts in the morning on my commute to work, and then I check RSS feeds when I get there. It would be great to have both on the iPod.

    Does iPodulator Pro 2 automatically sync with the iPod when it’s connected to the Mac, or is this a separate app apart from iTunes that I’ll have to run?

    Can I browse the text while listening to audio?

  2. chris2x | Oct 02 2006 - 07:59

    Good questions:

    It is a separate application that you have to run.

    There does not seem to be any problem reading notes while listening to music.