Fission Main ScreenPodcasters who use the Mac are very familiar with Rogue Amoeba‘s respected Audio Hijack Pro utility, which provides an excellent interface for recording Skype calls, iChat sessions, and similar internet communications applications directly to audio files. Once those streams are stored safely on disk, the next logical step is to edit captured audio to construct a completed program. Rogue Amoeba is positioning its new Fission utility as a lightweight audio editor capable of editing MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless and AIFF audio files. A typical application might include cutting and splicing files, but one very nice feature is the ability to produce a smooth crossfade between regions. Crossfades are used in audio editing to produce a smooth transition between audio events, and help prevent awkward splices and annoying audio pops when making transitions.

Rogue Amoeba notes that Fission can also be used to break up long audio recordings, create ringtones, and remove unwanted portions from audio files. Fission costs USD$32.00 direct from Rogue Amoeba’s online store. Existing users of Audio Hijack Pro can upgrade for USD$18.00 and both programs can be purchased together in a software bundle for USD$50.00. Fission 1.0 is released as a Universal Binary and a trial version is available for download at

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  1. Ted | Sep 26 2006 - 06:55

    Scott and Adam,

    When I get the e-mail from Rogue Amoeba announcing this I was a bit skeptical. How many light weight audio editors are there out there.

    BOY! was I wrong after using Fission for a couple of hours I plopped down the 32.00 dollars for it and it has been worth every penny.

    Other than App Zapper and Xcast (a fantastic pod catcher that is donation ware at…trust me this puts iPodderX and its renamed but vaporware replacement Transister and Juice to shame), this is the only other software that I could highly recommend.