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Written by: Chris Christensen

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One of the utilities that I wonder how I ever got along without is called Jumpcut by Steve Cook.

My day job is working for an internet company so I live in my browser for hours and hours everyday. I am constantly copying or cutting and then pasting a piece of information from one place to another or more likely more than one piece of information. For example, before Jumpcut if I had 3 pieces of information to copy from someplace into a form I would have to do this one piece of information at a time, often switching windows or applications in between. Jumpcut lets me paste in any of the last 25 things that I cut or copied into the clipboard. Instead of doing a paste with command-V, I use control-option-V to pop up a transparent overlay that shows the current clipboard. If I hit the arrow keys while continuing to hold down the control and option keys then I can scroll through any of the last 25 clipboards. When I am done, I have pasted the information and also changed the current contents of the clipboard.

The following video shows how Jumpcut works:

Jumpcut is free. Get your copy here.

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  1. Bruce Nordeen | Nov 01 2006 - 09:47

    Free is good….but if you need a very intuitive clipboard utility, I recomend CopyPaste. Multiple clipboards – with multiple ways of copying and pasting, a clip recorder that records your last 50 text or picture clippings, and a clip archive that you can add what ever you clip to a single file. Great support from the company. Plus additional features to numerous to mention here. $30 bucks for the full program, but I’ve been using it since my first mac – a Centris 650, and I couldn’t live without it.

    The URL above is a link to their site.


  2. Daniel | Nov 02 2006 - 01:44

    Jumpcut looks pretty interesting, and I defintely like the free aspect of it.

    I use the clipboard in Quicksilver, however. I can have it save as many items as I want and not be limited to just the last 25 items.
    Plus, if you want to save clipboard items, Quicksilver’s Shelf stores whatever you want (including images) and stays even after a reboot until you remove it yourself.