Parallels for Mac update: handy new features

Written by: Dale Mugford

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ParallelsParallels Desktop for Mac, the virtualization software that allows users to run a variety of OSes virtually alongside Mac OS X has been updated again to build 2.2.1970.0, released on Nov. 1st. Some handy features have been added to this update.

First of all, a new installation assistant is included which will complete the entire installation process for you – you don’t have to select any configurations, answer any questions, or make decisions about partitions or other options if you don’t want to.

The installation assistant now automatically installs Parallels Tools, a set of add-ons that enable file sharing, cutting/pasting/copying between OSes, syncs your mouse and system clock, and improves networking, video and sound performance.

Another excellent feature (which I am personally very happy with) is Shared Networking. Instead of requiring it’s own IP address on top of OS X’s, Shared Networking finally brings a seamless and transparent virtual bridge to Parallels. Shared Networking works by hiding your virtual machine IP address behind your Mac’s IP, meaning that even connections like DSL or Cable modems that only allow 1 IP to register will now work with virtual machines.

And for those of you who use Apple Remote Desktop, no longer will you see two IPs for the same destination. Under Shared Networking, Remote Desktop will now see only the Mac OS X assigned IP for a given system.

The update includes all previously released updates, including support for the latest iMac, Mac Pro, and MacBook Pro systems, and is recommended for all Parallels users.

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  1. Jamie Davis | Nov 06 2006 - 10:07

    I love paralells. I’m back in school again and they require work on the computer for about half of the course work. All of it has to be done through Internet Explorer. I got a new MacBook primarily to give me the juice necessary to run a virtual machine on my desktop. It works like a charm.