pzizz Offered to Students at Discounted Prices

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pzizz_logo.gifBrainwave is offering pzizz to students at a discounted price of USD$9.95 per module. pzizz is software that offers over 100 billion nap combinations. There are two pzizz modules available: an energizer module and a sleep module. The naps can be exported to an iPod or other MP3 player for later use.

The power napping and sleep software helps reduce stress levels. The software will mix a new soundtrack whenever the user plays or exports a nap. If you tire of listening to the same relaxation CD, pzizz may be the solution for you.

You can visit the pzizz website (http://www.pzizz.com) to purchase pzizz or download software demos. The pzizz energizer module can be purchased for USD$29.95. The pzizz sleep module can be purchased for the same low price of the energizer module. If you purchase both modules together the price is USD$49.95.

pzizz hardware is also available and priced at USD$147.00. You do not need additional software if you purchase the hardware.

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  1. Zack | Nov 09 2006 - 03:54

    Wow, and hes also offering $5 for every student you recruit! You could get it for free if you refer two students!