Apple brings iPods to Airline Flights

Written by: Chris Christensen

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Apple announced great news for tired air travelers and harried flight attendants today:

Apple® today announced it is teaming up with Air France, Continental, Delta, Emirates, KLM and United to deliver the first seamless integration between iPod® and in-flight entertainment systems. These six airlines will begin offering their passengers iPod seat connections which power to charge their iPods during flight and allow the video content on their iPods to be viewed on the their seat back displays.

This kind of news makes you want to go out and jump on an airplane but we won’t start seeing planes with this feature until mid 2007.

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  1. Henry | Nov 15 2006 - 11:11

    This is Delta’s press release on the same item. This web page actually has a picture of the iPod docked in a seatback. If you click on the picture, it will take you to Delta’s news photo gallery which will allow you to download a larger but still “low-res” image. (500 x 492 pixels)

  2. Rob Tito | Nov 15 2006 - 11:06

    actually Air France/KLM denied the deal

    So what really is up remains to be seen