equinux_logo.pngequinux has released iSale 3.3 and CoverScout 2.2.

iSale 3.3 is an application that allows users to customize their auctions before posting them on eBay. Users can even track all of their auctions with iSale. The 3.3 version supports eBay Express. Users who qualify for the eBay Express listing service can choose to list their items on eBay Express and/or their main eBay listing. There is also Template Pack 9, for Home and Garden auctions, available for free to iSale 3.x users.

The update of CoverScout 2.2 is compatible with the latest iTunes update version 7.0.2. CoverScout is an application that searches online resources to find artwork for rare album titles.

iSale 3.x users can get the 3.3 update for free. Prices for iSale start at USD$39.95. CoverScout 2.x users can get the 2.2 update for free. Prices for CoverScout start at USD$19.95.

Trial versions of both applications are available at the equinux website.

For more information about iSale or CoverScout visit your local apple dealer or the equinux website (http://www.equinux.com).

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