Maccast 2007.01.25

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 173. Apple first fiscal quarter 2007 results, Jobs not out of stock options woods yet. Apple charges 2 bucks if you want 802.11n. Norway says iTunes DRM is illegal. Apple Security update 2007-001. Apple Store loses 42 iPod Nanos to thieves. Apple planning a Super Bowl event? Best upgrade? More Memory. More than 2GB of RAM in a Core Duo? Cracked Macbook made new again. The pre-AppleCare checklist. Review: Slingbox TUNER. Thanks to Alex Lindsay and Pixel Corps. Where to buy Samson products.

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  1. Jerry Esposito | Jan 26 2007 - 07:01

    Hi Adam – on your latest show (1/25/06), you discuss RAM upgrades.
    Do you recommend buying only in pairs?
    I ask because my PowerBook G4 (Aluminum) came with 512 mb
    and I purchased a 1 GB for the 2nd slot but had problems with “sleep”
    and had to return it twice.
    Is Kensington or others you mentioned more compatible with
    the original Apple RAM that my PowerBook came with?
    Or should I buy a matching set of 2?

    Thanks a lot and I look forward to all of your Podcasts.
    I learn as much from the various Mac-type Podcasts as I do
    from reading books about Macs and apps.

  2. LDJ | Jan 26 2007 - 08:46

    Hello Adam,

    The link to the show notes, both HTML and OPML, lead to the 1/5/2007 show notes, not the 1/25/2007 show notes.

    Just FYI!


  3. maccast | Jan 26 2007 - 10:58

    The matched pair requirement is something necessary on the newer Intel Macs. What you are describing sounds more like the lower memory slot issue that effected many G4 PowerBooks (15″, I think).

    Thanks. Should be corrected now.

  4. aviationwiz | Jan 26 2007 - 11:54

    I noticed in the podcast that you recommend using Crucial, who makes very good stuff, but is often quite expensive.

    Because of their high price, I decided to take a look at OWC (Other World Computing) for Mac Pro memory, and it’s running great. It appears they use the same RAM as is standard in the Mac Pro. I’d highly recommend them, as they have a great product, and at a great price.

  5. BruceG | Jan 28 2007 - 03:11


    A comment about the portable audio gear you used to cover MacWorld…

    I’m not sure if it was a combination of acoustics, as opposed to where you normally record the MacCasts, and or the Samsung Zoom H-4 recorder coupled with the Sennheiser mike, but your voice seemed more resonant, deeper than it usually does. And this was without the need to adjust my iTunes equalizer.

    Not to say that the timbre of your voice is thin-sounding, but the remote casts seemed to sound a bit richer.

  6. Ryan Cordwell | Jan 30 2007 - 12:28

    Hey Adam,

    I have a small qustion that you may or may not be able to answer to. In one of the podcasts airing before Macworld, you were discussing the rumors that had been floating around and had been stating what the most realistic ones were. One of those rumors was a new set of apple displays. It seemed like a logical rumor, due to the fact that apple could now release a better and improved cinema display.

    This past year I had converted my family to Apple “believers,” and this Christmas I had bought my mother a 20″ Apple cinema display. Then I realized that the odds might be high of the release of a new screen in the new year. I had returned it before using it, hoping in a new screen release.

    So now I look to you. I was wondering if there are any strong rumors implying a new release. I just don’t want to leave my mother with an obsolete product for the new year. Any Ideas?

  7. Los | Jan 30 2007 - 04:36

    So. On your flash player you play your podcast in your post. Do you get stats from when we listen on that thing?