Maccast 2007.02.14

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 176. Lionsgate adds to films on iTunes. Beatles not exclusive to Apple? Stock option woes continue for Jobs. Apple TV still shipping this month. EMI considers offering DRM free music. Apple Store Bentall Centre opens this weekend in UK. Follow-up on replacing the MacBook Hard Drive (videos). Evangelizing the Mac against Vista. Tip: Use toolbar title to reveal your path. Tee Morris’ review of H2O Audio products. Followup on sending email using Quicksilver. MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo Airport issues. Mac Flash Card app, iFlash.

New music, Graduation Day by AdriAnne Lenker (iTunes)

Good Morning! Welcome to another day of higher education!Pretty in Pink (1986)

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  1. Simon Mirfin | Feb 15 2007 - 06:13

    Hi Adam,

    Just a short one on the airport issues with core2 duo macs, it seems that this problem is also prevalent in my new iMac 20 core 2 duo. Last night I moved the iMac From Ethernet to wireless and found the connection from my airport to my router (Belkin F5D7630) dropped at 3-8 minute increments I also checked the connection speed against my Mac Book Pro Duo (Not Core 2 Duo)and there was a big difference, iMac=11mbs Mac Book Pro=48mbs.Needles to say I have re-wired my iMac to the router but this is a pain because it placment is then limited.

    Anyone else have the same issues and have they found a work around?

    Great edition of the Maccast Adam, keep on keeping on . Simon

  2. Aaron Bates | Feb 15 2007 - 10:38

    I host The HD Podcast and I just heard from one of my listeners that they heard about the show from your podcast. I just wanted to personally thank you for the mention, I really appreciate it!! -Aaron

  3. Maggie | Feb 15 2007 - 05:59

    RE: the Macbook Pro airport issues

    I’ve had the same problem with my MBP Core2Duo. And, boy, can it be quite frustrating. I have a lot of anecdotal evidence to add (hope that’s OK) and a possible ray of hope.

    * I would have frequent dropouts – sometimes the airport icon would have a couple of bars, but I wouldn’t really have any connection – other times it would just drop altogether (no bars)
    * Very often it would happen when I came home and opened up my machine – I would be unable to connect until I put the machine to sleep again and woke it back up. Sometimes this would also happen after a dropped connection.
    * When it drops out completely and won’t connect, it will often try to connect to my neighbor’s wi-fi (802.11g) as though my WAP is now invisible.
    * Sometimes I can toggle ‘interference robustness’ on and off a couple of times and get reconnected.
    * This happened with our Buffalo router, so we bought an Airport Express. Same problem. We DO have several wi-fi networks around us, so that’s probably a contributor. But…
    * My partner’s PB G4 would always have 4 bars and never lost connection. (oh, and our phone is not 2.4GHz, we specifically bought a 5.8GHz so as to minimize any interference)
    * However… I never get dropouts at work. The WAP at work is about as far from me (and through a wall) as the one at home, so it’s not an antenna issue. But the WAP closest to me at work is 802.11b only. Our WAP at home is set to 802.11g only (this problem at home is worse if I set the WAP to b&g – this is true of the Buffalo and the Apple).

    And finally… after running the 802.11n update, the problem seems to happen _much_ less. Once every couple of day maybe, instead of 2 or 3 times a night. But, I still don’t get as much signal as my partner does on her PB G4 and turning interference robustness on actually makes the signal worse.

    My gut feeling is that it’s a driver issue and that, while better, the N driver for this chipset still isn’t 100% yet (and the b/g driver was far from ‘there’). Hope this ends up helping in some way. I’m looking forward to the day someone solves this for good. :)

    Maggie in Cambridge, MA

  4. Simon Mirfin | Feb 15 2007 - 05:14

    Hi Maggie.

    Did you notice any speed issues once you got your connection through Air Port?

    I think I will contact Apple Im not a happy bunny, this is a major issue and enough to drive you mad!

    Sorry everyone I don’t want to hijack the thread.

    Thanks, Simon.

  5. sheala | Feb 15 2007 - 06:31

    2 thoughts on the “n” issue.
    -Has anyone set up a MAC address filter on their router, causing the router to ignore other signals?
    – check for firmware updates for all the hardware (routers & chips) and reset the PRAM after installation.

    reasons not to buy Vista aside from upgrades/hardware.

    – Vista’s security was recently rated one of the worst (check c-net).
    – the eye-candy, best protection and data encryption only works in the most expensive levels.
    – Vista phone help $60 an hour
    – is there a VistaCast with forums out there? the mac community is great for support great programs etc.

  6. Simon Mirfin | Feb 15 2007 - 09:07


    Do you get paid by Apple for your comments, forgive me but it seems that when anything is wrong with Apples products we seem to hide behind Microsoft’s short comings.

    I do not expect to have to mess about with a Standard router to your suggested levels to get working what i have paid for and that is clearly not fit for purpose.

    At least try to give a balanced view.

    On the other hand I have not had any problems with my Windows Tablet and get a more reliable and faster wireless connection with 0 configuration.

    From a Mac user not a Mac fool.

  7. Luis | Feb 17 2007 - 08:39

    Mac Geeks,

    I have a PPC Mac Mini and I’m using a D-link router, when I started using them a year ego the problem were similar and everyday. I just couldn’t get them to work together at all, so I’m all wired now.

    Back then I couldn’t figure what the problem was and I haven’t try again. I would say that Mac’s on networks that are, let say, not Mac friendly behaves kind of weird.

    Just my thought,


  8. Maggie | Feb 22 2007 - 10:40

    Simon: No. When I get connected, it’s fine. It’s staying connected that is/was the issue. It’s been pretty good recently (post-N update).

    Oh, and I do and always have – on new and old router – had MAC address filtering on as well as WPA2.

  9. Fred | Mar 04 2007 - 10:13

    Adam, so I’m a lttle late listening. You had asked what we thought of sub-notebooks. I’m sort of interested. What I would is a remote keyboard and monitor that would allow me to connect to my desktop mac mini all through my house. I don’t want to fight two different machines, trying to get them to be the same. I don’t want todeal with the heat of a notebook on lap. I would like a “not-quite-a-laptop.”

  10. EOM | Mar 11 2007 - 08:35

    Adam, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Otherworld computing is just GREAT. I might be a new Mac Geek, but man, this site is a lifesaver. Oh, and also, Thank you. Love the Podcast and keep it up man.

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