Maccast 2007.03.15 – iPhone with Alex Curtis

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Special coverage of Apple’s iPhone. This show features a discussion with special guest Alex Curtis from the Mac ‘n Cell blog and podcast. We talk about Apple’s soon to be released iPhone product. We take a deeper look at all the buzz surrounding the first generation product and try to answer some of the questions we have about the technologies and services disclosed for the new device. We also do a fair amount of speculating on what we think might be added or changed beofore the product hits the streets this summer. The goal was to answer many of the questions we have all had since Steve Jobs previewed the device at Macworld. Hopefully we did a good job.

Mac ‘n Cell
iPhone Specs
Nokia n800 Internet Tablet
Sony Mylo
Closed vs. Managed Dev. Environment
No free service from Cingular
EDGE definition
Maccast Loop on Talkshoe
Typical Mac User

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  1. Rene | Mar 16 2007 - 04:29

    This episode IMHO is more rumor than facts, Adam. Nothing wrong with that, but a more clear disclaimer would have been appropriate here.

    Nevertheless, a very enjoyable podcast.

  2. Cole | Mar 17 2007 - 09:29

    This may be too harsh, but this podcast was a waste of time due to it being based on nothing but speculation and overzealousness.

    I know some people are excited for the iPhone, but your guest was in no way an expert let alone a well-informed commentator. So the end result was a show where one guy didn’t know much and the other guy pretended to know slightly more. It shouldn’t have taken an hour to lather up this product to the level you guys managed to do.

  3. Zionlion | Mar 17 2007 - 10:36

    Adam, Great show and thanks for your time :-)

    Just to answer Rene, Disclaimer? Im sure everyone realises the product is shrouded in secrecy but thanks to Adams intelligence this will help people that don’t live on mars make a more informed choice.

    I myself will not be buying into the iPhone as in my opinion its a closed device thats locked down with the keys being the mighty dollar.

    Keep on keeping on Adam!!

  4. Bruce | Mar 18 2007 - 08:31

    I don’t understnad why people get all upset over the closed system the iPhone uses. Do they want the iPhone to be like a PDA where you could find hundreds and hundreds of apps to dowload? When I had a PDA and tried out those apps I didn’t like very many of them at all and always had a hard time deciing if I should pay for apps since I had no idea who had made it. Since the iPhone will probably have full access to the web wouldn’t that make most of the apps people want pointless? If I’m wrong and people want feature enhancements wouldn’t they prefer those come from Apple? Afterall they designed the device.

    I just fail to see the benifit of an open system. iPod is closed and I don’t hear many people complaining that Jow Shmoe can’t write an app for it.

  5. Ami Cha | Mar 19 2007 - 02:00

    Thanks Adam for this informative show.
    I think that was just a discussion and i don’t rememeber anywhere any of them have made any claim that what they are saying are 100% fact.
    And as far as apple is concerned, we can not say for sure till the time product is in market. :)

    Now about the some corrections to Alex’s knowledge.
    First, the US is not at all “the World”. There are other countries too. Japan is a country with no GSM technology at all, still we take out our CDMA cell phones to other countries and use the same set seemlessly with a GSM provider.
    In India, Korea and in china too, they use CDMA technology along with GSM.
    And a phone with out 3G is something which is a already outdated in Japan.
    I am a big fan and user of Apple and was looking forward desparately for iPhone but i am disappointed.
    Still, The phone is good, atleast some thing which don’t run on Windows CE.
    Any way, now we have more options, thanks to Apple iPhone for bringing the concept.…+the+Samsung+Ultra+Smart+F700.html