New iPod iQuiz Game Surfaces on US Store (Updated)

Written by: Adam Christianson

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iquiz99.pngEarlier this week there were reports of a new iPod game, “iQuiz” surfacing on the French iTunes store and then quickly disappearing. Well I was just on the iTunes US store (12:51 AM PDT 4/24/07) and saw the game featured on the main page and for ONLY $0.99? I of course clicked through immediately and the resulting page showed the standard price of $4.99. Unfortunately when I tried to buy a copy it reported that the item was no longer available. Bummer. Not sure if this means they are launching it today and just getting it set up or if it is another fluke. Just in case I grabbed a screen shot (below) and a screen capture of the preview video. Basically this looks like an updated version of the iPods previously built-in “name that tune” style game with a much improved interface and graphics. It also claims to have the ability to create and share your own quizzes, so that should prove fun.

Update: Well… Looks like it is official and it’s only $0.99! Great price, but no scoop here. Darn. Looks like I just caught them setting things up in the wee hours of the morning.


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  1. Matt | Apr 24 2007 - 03:39

    I am looking on the US Store (4/24/07 6:26 AM EDT)…
    The game seems to be addded, featured on the main page, and actually selling for $0.99 on both pages. I guess they were planning on adding it today.

  2. EOM | Apr 24 2007 - 04:29

    99 cent baby.

  3. Rozza | Apr 24 2007 - 09:07

    looks like is down