iPhone approved at the FCC

Written by: Alex Curtis

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Not much to see yet, but we do have a few details.

Most RF emitting devices manufactured for sale in the US have to receive FCC approval. This approval is to ensure that devices live up to the manufacturer’s claims—devices must be independently certified to only communicate on specific frequencies, and not emit interference on others. In the case of the iPhone, we’re looking at a few sets of frequencies:

  • GSM: 824.2-848.8 (850), 1850.2-1909.8 (1900)

  • Bluetooth: 2402.0-2480.0

  • WiFi: 2412.0-2462.0

What I’m not clear on is the specs here—if you look above, it reads as if the iPhone is only a US dual-mode phone (operating on the 850 and 1900Mhz frequencies), and not a quad-band or world phone (operating on the 850 & 1900, and 900 & 1800Mhz frequencies). But this is probably just because in the US, 900 and 1800 are not used for mobile/cellular phone purposes, so maybe the FCC doesn’t require manufacturers to submit tests on the frequencies the device is capable of using, only the frequencies the manufacturer intends the device to use in the US. If you have more info on this, please leave a comment below. You can read all about GSM frequencies on Wikipedia, too.

There’s not much more information besides some very technical specifications on antenna and frequency outputs—at least, not at the moment. One useful tidbit is the iPhone’s FCC ID: “BCGA1203” (BCG is the manufacturer FCC designation, and A1203 is specific to the iPhone). Apple, as many manufacturers do, have asked that the other, juicier parts of their filing, not be made available publicly until later. The FCC has obliged on the external photos, internal photos, test setup photos, and users manual, which should be available on the FCC’s website by July 1, 2007. But hopefully we’ll all already have the actual iPhone in hand by then (though I’ve heard maybe only as little as a day before—which would still deliver the phone in June as promised).

If you’d like to look up the specs yourself, you can search for them on the FCC website here. Again, grantee code is “BCG” and the product code is “A1203”.

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  1. Tom | May 20 2007 - 10:36

    Good news, the iPhone will hopefully be released on time now

  2. jimilee | May 24 2007 - 09:40

    Adam is listening to the eye of the tiger!!!!Where did you ever find hat on cd???
    -Jimi Lee