Maccast 2007.05.25

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 187. Apple sued over MacBook displays. Engadget caught up in iPhone/Leopard rumor debacle. McCartney catalog goes digital, but not on iTunes. AT&T Leak raises iPhone pricing questions. Apple plans one more 10.4 update? Security Update 2007-005. AppleInsider predicts the death of the Mini. Using Apple TV with Laptops. Is Apple TV the sleeper product of 2007? One more thing on Save options. More ways to take QuickTime full screen for free. Importing in iPhoto

New music, Love Burst Chains by Xanimo (iTunes)

Sometimes I get that not-so-fresh feeling – Reality Bites (1994)

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  1. Miles | May 26 2007 - 02:46

    To be fair the new apple ads joke about microsoft, but al least there not plain silly!

  2. Nico | May 26 2007 - 12:19

    I’ve been having the same crashing dock problem, but I’m on a Powerbook G4. I think it started happening after I upgraded to 10.4.9.

  3. Andrew | May 27 2007 - 06:57

    Thanks for the advice Adam, it’s helped a lot!


  4. Ali S. | May 28 2007 - 06:51

    Hi Adam,

    Great show! Got it off of iTunes (Enhanced Version) and noticed that you’ve gotten new pictures for the little graphics for the Chapters which look awesome!

    Great stuff! Keep it up cause so far you’ve saved me from asking so many questions as a switcher. :D

    -Ali S.

  5. Ryan Gray | May 29 2007 - 08:49

    how is it that you think there will be additional subsidizing on the iPhone? Steve Jobs already said that the iPhone will be $499 and $599 with a 2 year contract. That is subsidized; you just can’t get it without a contract. That’s obviously part of the deal with AT&T that all iPhone sales translate into AT&T customers and serves Apple in that everyone pays the same for the iPhone. Why are people still ignoring what Steve said and having these fantasies about getting an iPhone at a discount?

  6. Chatur | Jun 03 2007 - 08:07

    Hi Adams,

    Thanks for great shows. I like them alot.
    This is about your last 2 -3 podcasts, since you had changed from Garageband to some other tool for recording your podcast.
    I am facing following problems
    1. Many times during the cast the voice come disturbed like you play cd through a FM radio broadcaster and you getr disturbance when some other guy with same frequency play his own songs

    2. I can not simply pause the cast. It takes time before it pauses, some times i have to switch off my iPod to stop it and when i start it it goes to previous chapter instead of stopping at the point i, tried, to stop or switched od ipod.

    -> I use first generation of iPod Shuffle
    -> I tried with other podcasts and your old podcast which were still in my library, and i found no problem.
    -> Checked at genious bar and they simply say, as they did last time, it might be a problem with podcast.

    If some one else is using iPod Shuffle, can you please update if you get same kind of problem?