New Apple Ads say iPhone release date: June 29, 2007

Written by: Alex Curtis

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Three new Apple iPhone ads were released over the weekend, and there’s a little more information they provide for all of us that can’t get enough iPhone in our diet. You can view the new ads on Apple’s website, or embedded below from YouTube.

Each ad gives us a little more of the iPhone interface and a few built-in apps in action:





  • Some minor changes to the iPod interface from Apple’s iPhone demo-videos —dropping the Artists and Songs buttons in favor of an Albums and Podcasts.

  • A couple of new buttons have been added in the Maps app from the demo videos, that show two slider-like buttons on the left and a car button on the right.

  • “AT&T” replaces “cingular” in the top menu.

  • One of the last lines in the video, shows the exclusivity of the iPhone on AT&T and also includes a key term of purchase: “Use requires minimum new 2 year activation plan.”

That’s all I’ve noticed so far, how about you? I’ve already scheduled a vacation day for June 29th :-)

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  1. Alex Curtis | Jun 18 2007 - 09:00

    Sorry folks, this post was obviously late to post, so here is some updated info:

    There are actually now four videos, (a new one on Safari was added) and can be found here:

    I was told also at an AT&T store that the sale time will be @ 6pm local time. AT&T stores will close early at 4:30pm in preparation for the iPhone sale. There was talk of armed guards delivering the shipments, but I’m not sure if that was a joke or not. The stores are reportedly going to know more later this week from a June 21st conference call. Still no definitive news on the data-plan rates.

    I’m personally a long time Cingular / AT&T subscriber, and my SIM card is old. I asked if I needed to upgrade to a new card before it would work with the iPhone, and the representative at the store was unclear if it would make a difference, but upgraded my SIM card for free just in case. This chip has a larger memory capacity and is also required for AT&T’s advanced HSDPA 3G networks (which the iPhone is not a member of). The only difference I noticed in my current phone with the new chip was that it now indicates that my the network is AT&T instead of Cingular, and there was some additional voicemail features the first time I called–allowing me to undelete messages that were previously deleted.

    Also, today, we learn from an Apple press release:

    more details about supposed iPhone battery life (8h talk, 250h standby, 6h Internet, 7h video playback, 24h audio playback), and optical-quality glass that covers the entire front of the device. On this news, Apple’s stock price jumped some $3 per share, this morning.