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Who knows whether you MacCast readers will even see this before the actual Apple World Wide Developers Conference Keynote happens, but a few of us on the MacCast crew thought we’d take a shot at some (harebrained?) predictions for what we might see (or at least hope to see) tomorrow at WWDC.

Live Maccast Chat: If you are reading this before or during the keynote and want to chat about it live join us on iChat/AIM in the room: maccast. To access it using iChat:

1) Launch iChat
2) Go to: File–>Go to Chat… and enter ‘maccast’m as the chat name.

See you there.
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The Future Home of Apple Store, Munich

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Cool Stuff, News

applestore_munich.jpgListener Guido just sent me these images of the construction site for the new Apple Store at Rosenstasse 1 in Munich, Germany. You can likely tell from the images, but he says the building that was in place at the site has been completely torn down. The construction zone has now been completely branded Apple, with a huge iPod banner on the building adjacent to the construction pit. The store is said to be a large 4-story design and will be the first of four sites set to open in Germany. Early rumors have the Munich store opening sometime around mid-2008.

Stuff, Guts, and Video 011

Written by: James Alguire

Categories: Mac Pro

Final Cut Studio Box shotNow that Final Cut Studio 2 is shipping (I should have my copy soon) here is our first tip for Final Cut Pro 6. I know that many of you are itching to dive in and install the new Final Cut Studio applications and start playing with all those really cool new features, but before you do, take a deep breath, count to ten, and wait.

Why you might ask? Because this is brand spanking new software and although Apple does a pretty thorough job of testing, they can’t possible cover every possible configuration users might have. So a few glitches could appear when FCS2 is installed on your Mac. The last thing you need is to redo a project from scratch because upgrading nuked the previous project files or a filter no longer does what you expect.

It helps to follow these two basic rules:
1. Never, EVER, upgrade software in the middle of a production.
2. Don’t upgrade your primary editing station until the new software has been tested on a non-critical editing station (i.e. the Mac) in a non-critical situation.

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Maccast 2007.06.03

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Podcast

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 188. Symantec warns of Samba vulnerability. iTunes update supports new “Plus” tracks. Apple TV will add YouTube support. Another Quicktime security update. Microsoft enter Multi-touch game with Surface. Some Audiobooks won’t play with iPod. Jobs notes on iPhone from D: All things Digital. TeachMac purchase, donate to the Oasis Project. Apple support in other countries. iTunes 7.2 and DRM free gotcha? Launching attachments on Mac from Parallels. File compression on the Mac. Using restore disks with 10.3.7 or later. Remote desktop maintenance

New music, “I Heard Ya Talking” by The Gathering.

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“It’s like giving a glass of ice water to someone in hell.” – Steve Jobs on Windows for iTunes.

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