Maccast 2007.07.01 (Special) – iDay

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Special coverage of iDay, Apple’s US launch of the iPhone. We talk with several fans as they wait on line at the Fashion Valley Apple Store in San Diego, CA and try to get a perspective on why the iPhone is in such high demand. Later we talk with new iPhone owner, Victor Cajiao (, and get his first impressions on the new device. After just 3 hours of ownership Victor gives his first hand account of purchasing, setting-up, and using his new iPhone.

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  1. George Starcher | Jul 01 2007 - 08:20

    Hi Adam, One other thing about iTunes 7.3. They finally fix the streaming photos with AppleTV that you have been wanting. I detailed it on the Typical Mac User blog. It is very straight foward and just works like you would expect it to.

  2. SoCalDaveBandito | Jul 02 2007 - 01:30

    According to Victor – “The iPhone is HOT”.

    Now this is Hot as in temperature and not Hot as in a popular item…. Yes, if you’re in NY in the winter then this isn’t so bad… however if you’re in sunny Southern California like Adam, like Victor and like myself (especially in these very hot summers) then this could be an issue. This is the first time I’ve heard this mentioned out of all the reviews I’ve heard and read.

    Victor – when you come back from vacation, please give us an update. Thanks.

  3. Victor | Jul 02 2007 - 03:53

    The phone was hot but it was only when I was using it with the charger on. I have not experienced any other ‘heat” issues when it was not plugged in to AC. However when plugged it, it got pretty warm. I did this interview while still delirious from a very busy day and having the iPhone for less than 3 hours. So… I apologize if I confused anyone.

  4. Ali S. | Jul 03 2007 - 01:37

    Wow. That was bizarre. A few moments ago I was skimming through my latest podcasts downloaded and found a Maccast Loop podcast of only 7 seconds in length.