Maccast 2007.07.06 (Special) – 7th Son

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. A special edition of the Maccast. We sit down with Mac fan and author of the Podiobook trilogy “7th Son”, J.C. Hutchins ( We discuss his novel, how we become hooked on Macs, writing on the Mac, the future of print and audio media, and more…

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  1. Peter | Jul 07 2007 - 08:56

    GREAT interview! I downloaded “7th Sone: Descent” last night after hearing this MacCast, and so far have listened to the first 5 chapters. Very engaging book… I can’t wait to hear where it goes next. :)

    I’m a huge fan of Audiobooks in general; I’m hoping that some of the other offerings on are as good.

  2. Peter | Jul 07 2007 - 08:11

    GREAT interview! I I downloaded the entire first book (Descent) last night and have already listened to the first 5 chapters. Very entertaining and engaging! I can’t wait to hear where it goes next.

    I’m a big fan of audiobooks in general, so I’m hoping that some of the other fare on is as good! :)

  3. Rene | Jul 08 2007 - 02:29

    Well, I developed an aversion against 7th Son, because it was so over-promoted through podcasts, but I might just have changed my mind after listening to this podcast, especially after hearing about the way Podiobooks delivers the audio files to your computer.

  4. ChrisHoo | Jul 09 2007 - 07:06

    I tried audiobooks in the past when i got my first iPod (1st gen), but didn’t like the format. I’m glad that I revisited it with 7th Son, after about 2 years of listening to podcasts, I feel more at home with audiobooks, and what a great audiobook to begin with! Sort of like the iPhone, it has been promoted heavily among podcasters that some might be sick of hearing about it, but it lives up to the hype (so to speak)!

    Oh, and fantastic interview

  5. Scott Sigler | Jul 09 2007 - 09:04

    Hey thanks for the link love!

  6. Adam Christianson | Jul 09 2007 - 11:14

    Your welcome Scott. I figured since we talked about you so much in this episode, it was the least we could do. ;)

  7. joe | Jul 12 2007 - 11:05

    Great podcast! I downloaded the first part and i love it! Thanks to the author for a wonderfull audiobook..

  8. Rene | Jul 14 2007 - 02:02

    After listening to a few chapters via I now know this book is not for me. I guess that’s a good thing, because I didn’t have to buy the book to come to this conclusion.

  9. china wholesale | Nov 14 2008 - 01:48

    I like it,thanks:)