A quick note about last weeks show

Written by: Adam Christianson

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As you have no doubt noticed by now there was no Maccast last week. Because of that I wanted to do a quick post and fill you in on what happened. First, I am still here and I am still doing the show (I am sure most of you knew that, but just in case). Now, typically I like to get at least one show out a week, but last week some things came up and life took over. It was typical summer stuff, friends and family were in town and I fell behind in my show prep. I was all set to get a show out on Saturday or Sunday when we a family emergency happen Saturday afternoon. I can tell you there were some scary moments and many of us were concerned, but it worked out and everything is fine now. Our family and friends were great and everyone rallied together to support each other through the weekend. Needless to say there is no show for last week, but I wanted to tell you I’m still here and I will no doubt be talking to you real soon. Thanks for your support and understanding.

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  1. Howard | Jul 23 2007 - 12:32

    Best wishes and prayers for your family. Sorry to hear of your difficulty but glad to hear that it seems to have worked out.

  2. Charlie | Jul 23 2007 - 01:41

    Hey, Adam. Sorry to hear about your family emergency. It’s good to hear you had such support and things worked out. And while we appreciate the update, no worries about the podcast. We love the show and we’ll be here when you have time to produce it!

  3. Mike D | Jul 23 2007 - 01:37


    I am glad to hear that your difficult weekend turned out alright, but I must say that you seem awfully apologetic when a show is not out on time or is late in some way.

    I certainly hope you are not receiving upsetting or nagging emails from your listeners when a show is not posted “exactly” when they expect it.

    You might want to remind everyone that these shows are offered FREE OF CHARGE and offer a level of insight into the Mac experience that is without equal. Please feel free to have a life and try not to worry about how the uber-geeks among us will make it through one additional day without their MacCast. They need to to get a life.

    Thank you for all you do, Adam. Keep up the good work.

    A faithful listener.

    Mike D.

  4. David Jacobs | Jul 23 2007 - 04:34

    You know how this community works Adam. Don’t worry about it for a second. We patiently wait for the next show and will appreciate the great time and effort you always put into it.

  5. Dan Parker Jr | Jul 23 2007 - 05:28

    Hey Adam, hope all is well, sorry to hear of your family’s unfortunate dismay. Take care and bless your family. You are always worth waiting for.

  6. Bluesygirl | Jul 23 2007 - 05:00

    Sorry to hear of your family crisis but am relieved that things seemed to have turned out okay. Will be looking forward to future shows whenever you are able to fit them into your schedule. Life and family comes first. Best, Bluesy

  7. Eliomar | Jul 23 2007 - 07:21

    Adam, Thanks for inform the community. I hope things go good on your side. Its amazing that we all worry about you and you thus worry about the community too. No matter what, i (like many) will continue to listen to the MacCast and Loop no matter what. The community will cheer you on.

  8. Adam Christianson | Jul 23 2007 - 11:57

    Thank you all for the kind words and support. I really appreciate your understanding, but hope you know that I was not apologizing for missing the show. I merely wanted to keep you informed as to what was going on. I have been pretty consistent in getting a show out about once a week and just thought it would be nice to let you know why no show happened last week. You are part of my circle of friends and I just consider it a common courtesy. I also dropped a note on the feed for those who might not visit the site.

  9. Jason | Jul 24 2007 - 01:54

    I am relieved to hear that your family emergency was resolved. The message you posted on the feed was poignant and touching. And realize Adam that we your listeners are part of your “extended famly,” too. If you need anything, please just let us know! We’re here for you.

  10. Rene | Jul 24 2007 - 04:38

    Adam, I’m glad to hear all is fine now. You have given this community so much, that, of course, we care about you and your family, and fully understand that in these kinds of circumstances family comes first. Nevertheless, I hope to hear you laughing again and imagine that big smile on your face while podcasting. This is what you love and why we love you.

  11. Kemal | Jul 24 2007 - 05:45

    Hi Adam, glad to hear everything is okay now. Don’t worry about the Podcast, we all know the importance of family and friends and the priorities in life. Rest assured the mac community understands this and will support you all the way. Thanks for the hard work you put out every week. Take care!

    “Most of us, swimming against the tides of trouble the world knows nothing about, need only a bit of praise or encouragement – and we will make the goal.”

  12. Josiah | Jul 24 2007 - 06:03

    Great to hear everything is on the up and up… I enjoy the Maccast, but you have to take time off to be with your family.

    Good Luck!

  13. Paul Burns | Jul 24 2007 - 06:05

    It is amazing how families can pull together, glad to hear everything is ok

  14. Todd Knutson | Jul 24 2007 - 07:49

    Hey Adam,

    We’re all thinking about you and your family. Glad to hear everything will be okay. You made some really nice comments in your feed’s Program Note that we all need to remember. Thanks for reminding me. Take care.


  15. Martin Auclair | Jul 24 2007 - 07:01

    Hello Adam,

    Like all others, I feel really sorry to hear about the unfortunate events that have happened, but glad to hear that all is back to normal and well. Please do not apologize for not being able to constantly and regularly create a podcast for us fans, as many already noted, this is a free gift from you to us, and while we do appreciate all the efforts you put in your show and all the tremendous knowledge you pass on to us, we certainly do not expect that you become a slave to your community. Take all the time that you need to live your life, and most important, to enjoy it. I am always looking forward for your next podcast, but can certainly wait two or three weeks for another one, they always worth the wait.

    We love you all, we all care for you, because you are such a nice and dedicated person, we’ll always be there for you whenever you need our support. That’s the least your dedicated community can do!


    Greetings from Montreal, Canada


  16. Anthony | Jul 24 2007 - 07:32

    Hi Adam,

    In the constant battle between life and obligation, life has a way of emerging the priority, at least for people with common sense. As I’ve emailed you before, most people look back on life and wish they had spent more time with family and friends, not worked more hours. You’ve done a great service to the Mac community with your podcast, and if you never did another show, you’ve already done more than most people could dream of. You’re not obligated to us or anyone else to do a single show more than what you’ve already done. Thanks for reminding us that the voice delivering the news belongs to a normal human being that has a life like the rest of us.

  17. Ali S. | Jul 24 2007 - 09:44

    Hi Adam,

    When you started talking about what had happened I was pretty worried but I’m glad to hear that everything is alright. Like we keep saying, “Stop apologizing so much!” We all thank you for making a FREE podcast with such great material so to miss a show or two because of an emergency is understandable as we are all human and sometimes Life chucks things at us that we can’t anticipate. So don’t worry…all of us here are sending our wishes and prayers to you! We all wish you good luck to you and your family and friends.

    Take care!

    Ali S. :)

  18. Paul L | Jul 24 2007 - 10:55


    If you do not get a show together there is no problem man. It’s not like podcasting has the pressure of a radio program with a manager and producer breathing down your neck. Enjoy your family so that you can continue to enjoy doing the maccast.

  19. Deaks | Jul 24 2007 - 12:06

    Hey Adam,

    Just heard your latest podcast and wanted to pass on some good vibes to you and your family. It is all too true that work has a habit of expanding to fill all available space to the detriment of the things that matter most.

    I’ve enjoyed your podcast for a while now, whether on my desktop iMac, resting on the couch with my iBook, or walking along with my iPod. I hope you never think we (the listeners) take your efforts for granted. It is appreciated.

    Take care mate.

  20. Edward | Jul 24 2007 - 02:18

    Hi Adam,
    Just listened to your message on the feed riding on my bicycle along the Dutch canal.
    It was quite emotional. Family and friends are all there is. Life is there to enjoy with them. I REALLY enjoy and look forward to every maccast, but I (and I am sure my fellow listeners as well) can wait. As another listener already wrote: Your podcast is worth the wait.

    Best from Holland.

  21. Francisco Niño | Jul 24 2007 - 02:41

    Hey Adam, what’s up. Don´t worry man, everything is going to be all right. Believe it or not all your tech-geek-mac stuff really cheers me up whenever I’m down or blue. Every difficulty in life brings with it something good or something to learn, and maybe this situation is the way God picked up to show you all the people around the world that supports you not only as listeners but a little bit more like friends. It’s very weird your, not going to believe this, right in this moment I’m listening to another of my favorite Podcast (http://www.todosvuelven.emnhome.com/?p=444) and they started playing the song: “You’ve got a friend”… its sounds so much like you in this moment that i just want to dedicate this song to you. One last thing even if some day destiny decide to take my loved iMac away from me, I still will continue listenig to you. Forgive my poor English. I’m a system engineer form the caribbean coast in Colombia, but I´m actually living in Santiago (Chile). Bye.. Pacho’s.

  22. neriesvirens | Jul 24 2007 - 03:33

    Hey Adam,
    Your show is great and worth waiting for! Your concern for your listeners is awesome! Prayers to you and your family.

  23. Bob Leedom | Jul 24 2007 - 07:20

    Dear Adam,

    Thank you for sincerely sharing your personal feelings. Although it was not necessary for me, I do see that it was necessary for you, and that is quite impressive. In addition to your extensive knowledge of computers, your personal passion and committment to what you are doing comes through quite personably every show. As a person, you are indeed a cut and a half above most mortals. I’m glad that you see this “wake up call” for what it is and just know that there is no diminishing of your capabilities or personal worth, but perhaps just an adjustment of your priorities. I wish you and your family the best and hope that by following your heart, you will be rewarded in ways that neither I nor you can now forsee. Keep doing what you do best and I will continue to “tune in”. The next time you need a break, take it! You’ll be back, and so will I and everyone else. Some Sunday I may even catch up to you live time. I do have some lingering questions that I KNOW you can answer.

    Good Luck,

    Bob Leedom
    Phila., PA

  24. Roger York | Jul 24 2007 - 07:14

    I am glad to here that things turned out well! Don’t worry about being late. Your family is more important than this podcast. When things settle down and you can put out another MacCast I will be listening.
    In Peace

  25. Dennis Bushkofsky | Jul 24 2007 - 07:37


    Thanks for taking the time to explain what has been happening recently. You provided a great lesson (a spiritual testimony actually) on what is truly important in life and it obviously came from the heart. I wish your family well.

  26. Andrew McPhee | Jul 24 2007 - 11:05

    You have your priorities right Adam – family first, podcast second.

    Thinking of you. Love the show. But it ain’t the end of the world if it’s late!

    Andrew from Australia

  27. Paul Feary | Jul 25 2007 - 05:29

    Hi Adam,

    I’m glad to hear that your family is ok again. I also want to thank you for all the effort you put in to bring us the podcast each week. You really bring a lot enjoyment to many Mac fans around the world.

    Paul. Sydney, Australia.

  28. Bob | Jul 25 2007 - 07:42

    Glad to know things are ok. Thanks for your hard work, which we all benefit from. Yours is one of two podcasts that I listen to, and look forward to each episode.

    Bob (China)

  29. Mario | Jul 25 2007 - 08:23

    Glad that everything is OK. Take your time – as many here said family comes first and we geeks tend to forget it from time to time.


  30. Steve Mays | Jul 25 2007 - 11:07


    I love happy endings.

    And if I never got another MacCast… I’m far richer for the ones I have had. Thanks.

  31. Chris Theocharis | Jul 25 2007 - 12:41

    Hi Adam
    ..Have only just read your note, and not taken the time to read all the responses, so I apologise if I’m repeating other peoples words. The sentiment remains the same.

    Life is what happens when you’re making other plans – “…it’s late, so can’t remember who quoted that!…”

    Anyway, just to let you know that there are others out here/there pulling for you in what must have been a tough time. I am glad to hear it’ll all be ok, but wish you and your family the very best in getting through this. We miss your voice, personality, passion and enthusiasm. That said, family comes FIRST. Take your time.

    Kind regards, from across the world,

  32. Francisco | Jul 26 2007 - 05:52

    Hi Adam,

    Beautiful words!, I’m new here and I really like the show, I think you are a good communicator and I was glad to hear your last podcast.

    Best regards,


  33. Mark | Jul 26 2007 - 12:31


    I have listened to the show since almost the beginning but I have never left a comment or message.

    I just wanted to wish you well and what touching mac cast. Hope you feel up to a new MacCast soon. Keep up the great work.

    Take care,

  34. Harold | Jul 26 2007 - 09:16

    Hi Adam

    Glad to hear that everything is fine with your family. Your right it is so easy to get all caught up in day to day life and miss the little things that make life worth living. Just wanted to also tell you how much I appreciate your doing the podcast. I have decided to make the switch from PC to Mac, figured I would get a jump by listening to mac podcast. I am constantly amazed at the quality and variety of podcast that you can get for free. Just wanted to say thanks take care of your family we will be here waiting for you.

    Take Care

  35. Max | Jul 27 2007 - 06:01

    I’ll put more later, but I did want to say that I have seen several podcasters come and go, and most of them don’t have the courtesy you demonstrate.
    Thanks for informing us, but thank you even more for showing your true care for your family.

  36. Ashley Birdthistle | Jul 30 2007 - 02:39

    Adam. Good to hear that everything is alright …family and friends are more important that our geeky interests. You’re words were quite moving, genuine and heartfelt. So from across the pond in Ireland, take it easy and don’t worry about us.
    Slán Leat. (goodbye in Gaelic)

  37. Tony | Jul 30 2007 - 08:27

    Hey Adam

    Only just got the chance to listen to this podcast. Hope that all is well with you and your family. They are part of what makes you whole, and are worth far more than any podcast, good on you for putting them first. Take your time and I hope to hear you again soon.


    Tony (UK)

  38. Sam | Jul 30 2007 - 07:31


    Dead on about family and friends. Family always matter and everything else can wait. Much the same for friends. Take care.

  39. Andrew Darlow | Aug 03 2007 - 10:25

    Hi Adam:

    Sorry to hear about the difficult time you recently went through. It’s good to hear that things are fine now.

    All the best,

    Andrew Darlow

  40. Tomi | May 16 2008 - 08:10

    Family is the most important, allways!