Maccast Live Apple Event Chat

Written by: Adam Christianson

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Join us for Live Maccast chat starting at 9:00 AM PDT and going through the end of Apple’s live event today (8/7). Join us on iChat/AIM in the room: maccast.

To access it using iChat:
1) Launch iChat
2) Go to: File–>Go to Chat… and enter ‘maccast’ as the chat name.

or Click this link to join now (AOL Instant Messenger or iChat account required)

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  1. Dale Mugford | Aug 07 2007 - 10:53

    Not able to get in right now…

  2. Dave from Temecula | Aug 07 2007 - 12:28

    Does anyone know if Apple plans on releasing today’s presentation on Quicktime like they do with the Keynotes?

  3. Bruce | Aug 07 2007 - 05:57

    What a cool idea. I wish I hadn’t been at work as I would have liked to experience the announcements with the Maccast community.

  4. SoCalDaveBandito | Aug 07 2007 - 06:08
  5. Techmate | Aug 12 2007 - 03:35

    Happy results with the new garageband. Our podcast for our church is done in garageband. I used to export it to itunes then convert the aif file to mp3 then upload it. But now garageband will do the mp3 converstion to file. Which saves an extra step. Nice.