Maccast, “The Beat Goes On” Live Chat

Written by: Adam Christianson

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Join us for Live Maccast chat starting at 9:00 AM PDT and going through the end of Apple’s live “The Beat Goes On” event today (9/5). Join us on iChat/AIM in the room: maccast.

To access it using iChat:
1) Launch iChat
2) Go to: File–>Go to Chat… and enter ‘maccast’ as the chat name.

or Click this link to join now (AOL Instant Messenger or iChat account required)

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  1. Dave from Temecula | Sep 05 2007 - 11:26

    Lots of announcements today… new iPod shuffles and the previously reported FAT Nano. Kind of ho-hum as far as I’m concerned. Will make nice stocking stuffers this holiday season. Plus MUCH LARGER iPod (iPod Classics). 160 GB is a huge jump. The iPod Touch should make Adam very happy though. And it includes Wi-Fi! VERY Nice.

    My personal favorite announcement though is the lowered price of the 8GB iPhone
    “Starting today effective immediately, we’re pricing it at just $399.”

    I had been waiting for a more reasonable price and cutting $200 off the cost sounds good to me.

    Oh yeah, something about Ringtones too…. no surprise that Apple is using htis as a revenue stream, but 99cents above the cost of a song purchase. No Thanks. I don’t mind buying a Ringtone (when I get the iPhone) but give me the choice to use my own custom ringtones (an MP3 Audacity is a nice way to create your own).

  2. Craig | Sep 05 2007 - 12:38

    My thoughts…

    – iPod Shuffle – Same player now comes in ugly colors, nothing was wrong with the previous colors. (I really liked the orange)

    – iPod nano – I bought the 1G nano and the 2G nano, love both of them. The form factor was perfect and 8GB was enough storage for my music. The best thing about the 3G nano is the price and that’s all I have to say about it. Ugly colors, ugly width.

    – iPod classic – Ehhh… I like the prices for the amount of storage you get. Aluminum is always nice.

    – iPod touch – I can see it now… “Oh hey you have an iPhone” … “Oh, it’s just the iPod that looks like the iPhone”

    – iTunes Wi-Fi – This is the most exciting news so far.

    – iPhone – 8GB for $399!!!! You thought they were selling good before, this is a steal.

    – Ringtones – Ringtones are still pricey, but Apple did a nice job integrating it.

    – Starbucks Announcement – AWESOME, while this doesn’t cater to many, it’s a great idea.

    It feels odd that I don’t feel like running out and buying a new iPod. I usually do that in September. I like the iPod touch, but being priced so close and offering more functionality, I want an iPhone.