iPod Touches in the Wild?

Written by: Adam Christianson

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iPodTouch_wild.jpgWell I just checked with the US Apple Store (Thursday September 13th, 2007 @ 9:00 PM PST) and they still claim the iPod Touch has an estimated ship date of September 28th. Now, that would be in line with Steve’s statement made at the special event last week that the new touchable iPods would be available in a couple weeks. So, if we believe Apple, listener Luis should not have been able to walk into a Florida Apple store today and saunter home with the brand spankin’ new iPod you see pictured here. The cool thing is… he DID! Looks like the new iPod Touch has hit the streets (or at least maybe your local Apple Store) a bit early. So what are you waiting for… go on… you know you want to touch it.

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  1. Dom | Sep 14 2007 - 07:58

    I pre(or post)-ordered so I’m kinda upset that they are in the wild early. What happen apple?

  2. Paul | Sep 15 2007 - 12:40

    I just got one in Pasadena after reading your post. Thank you Adam!

  3. Jonathan | Sep 15 2007 - 02:29

    I just bought my 8 GB iPod touch this morning at Valley Fair in Santa Clara. I wanted the 16 GB, but all they had this Saturday morning was just the 8 GB. I know that in this past few days, Apple Stores in Palo Alto and in San Francisco have stated to sell iPod Touches as well. Good luck to all of you!

  4. Hunter | Sep 15 2007 - 06:38

    I’ll let you know when they arrive in Tokyo. We’re getting two. My 2 1/2-year-old “Classic” will be semi-retired.

  5. Antonio | Sep 18 2007 - 12:09

    Hey Adam! I was in Miami this weekend and just by chance I went into an Apple Store. I was surprised to find out that the store had two 16GB iPod Touches in the back room and that they were for sale. Right there my brother-in-law and I bought them.

    We feel very lucky because just a few days before our trip, I went to the Mac Store (our version of the Apple Store) and asked about the iPod Touch and they told me that they would have for sale in the beginning of December.

  6. Francisco | Sep 21 2007 - 05:27

    Hi Adam,

    Got my iPod as soon as it came to the Regent Street store in London. I love it. but:

    – Wifi only to browse Internet on Safari, for You Tube and for the iTunes store. No email client and missing cool apps such as Google Maps. iChat would be great.

    – Also File reviewing could be fantastic. I am not saying Editing files but reviewing pdf’s, keynote and pages files while on the Tube or Train would be great

    – I also think it would be a great idea if I could send the music to the Airport Express directly from the iPod, but that is not possible neither.

    As soon as you start using it you really want more and more from this great iPod, I think the potential is great and the applications so far too limited.

    All best