Maccast 2007.10.07

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 202. Starbucks iTunes WiFi and Free Song of the Day. 15″ MacBook Pro Battery Update. iMacs Freeze, Apple promises fix. Safari may be key to new iPhone Jailbreak. iPod Nano and Classic get update. New iPhone “Switch” Style Ads. There’s no such thing as a “Santa Rosa” Mac. Questions about Leopard. Keychain gone wild. Who should get an AppleTV. Closing the gaps in iTunes. The Mac “installer” paradigm for switchers.

New music, I’m Sorry by Girl Stuff

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  1. Terrance | Oct 08 2007 - 08:48

    Hi Adam,

    Love the show! I will never get over that little kick of excitement I get each time I hear the Maccast opener.

    Alas, I am writing to comment on something that is bugging me. It’s probably just a clarification issue and I may be wrong but the wi-fi deal with Starbucks isn’t for accessing the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store, because that can be done over any wi-fi access point and I may be wrong (I live in Japan) but I thought Starbucks in the States already have wi-fi service. The whole Starbucks/Apple deal is that the data of the song playing (or played) in the Starbucks will appear on the iPhone/Touch and customers can purchase the song directly via the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store.

    Sorry to be nitpicky but you’ve mentioned this a couple of times and each time it seems you’re either misunderstanding the service or I’m just confused by your explanation. Don’t know, but it makes me itchy and I have to scratch ;-)

    Keep on Maccasting,

    Kobe, Japan

  2. Ryan Gray | Oct 09 2007 - 06:52

    Re: Santa Rosa
    I’ve heard people asking when the “Santa Rosa” Macs were coming because they somehow thought it was a chip from Intel that executed Rosetta in hardware, and that sounded great to them. Sheesh!

  3. Daniel Warner | Oct 09 2007 - 05:55

    Thanks for an excellent cast! I was 4 days away from dragging my shiny new 24″ iMac back to the apple store with tears in my eyes. The freeze is a huge problem. If you have an imaging software and a browser open you get a spinning color wheel along with the shitty non-responsiveness. I’m so happy they know about the problem and a fix is on the way. Other than that fatal flaw, and some screen calibration issues it’s a smooth and powerful machine.

  4. Geoffrey Maynard | Oct 16 2007 - 01:25

    Hi Adam,

    I felt I had to give my input to the listener that had questions about the Apple TV. I too was considering the Apple TV, but being a HDTV owner I was more than a little unimpressed by the lack of iTunes HD content. I am a Xbox360 owner and I have found a program that allows you to use your iPhoto, iMovie, and iTunes content (mp3 not AAC) on your mac with the Xbox360. It’s called Connect360. It was cheep ($20 US) and it work flawlessly! It even allows you to browse you iPhoto library by folder unlike the apple TV. You can browse to a specific photo or play back, or an album as a slideshow. Really cool! The only drawback is that it is incompatible with video and music purchased on the iTunes music store, but I must say the content available on the Xbox360’s market place is impressive. Including movies and free movie trailers in HD. All competitively priced in comparison with iTunes. I’m no fan of their operating systems, but I will say that Microsoft got it right with the Xbox360. It’s about the same price as the apple TV. It’s white just like the Apple TV, and oh yeah, it’s an excellent video game system to boot. Halo 3 anyone?