The latest November issue of macCompanion Magazine is now available online. This free PDF download is around 141 pages, including articles from leading reviewers.

Robert Pritchett notes the release of a very angry cat that has been in the bag for nearly 2 years and offers up how it is being treated in the media.

* Jonathan Hoyle goes beyond Leopard OS development with his “According to Hoyle” column.

* Harry (doc) Babad provides another round of Mac Tips this month.

* Rick Sutcliffe toys with legalsleeze and Apple in his Northern Spy column.

* Ed Prasek as a guest author, begins a SpinTip series on creating successful Mac-based products.

* Richard Lepsinger, also as a guest author, discusses how companies can stay ahead of the competition.

* Ted Bade offers up his Apple-centric views in his Views from the Ivory Tower column.

* And Steve Fyffe looks at qualifier keys in Under the Magnifying Glass.

In the Book Section, “Fonts and Encodings”, “iPod & ITunes for Dummies”, “Macs for Dummies” and “Shooting Digital” are reviewed. In the Games Section, Harry Babad looks at MyMahj, a free Mahjong tile game.

Stepping away from Apple and Macs in the Greenware Section for a moment, there are two more book reviews on “Peak Everything” and “Zoom: The Global Race to Fuel the Car of the Future” and Harry Babad digs deeply into his extensive background in the Nuclear Industry, with his point of view regarding “Renewable Energy – Hype, Myth and Hope”.

The Software Section presents “A Better Finder Attributes” reviewed by Harry Babad, Avenir – A Writer’s Workshop” reviewed by a former macCompanion staff member, Derek Caudill, “DEVONthink Pro Office reviewed by Harry Babad, “RouteBuddy” a mapping program reviewed by Ted Bade, “Sequel”, music softwar reviewed by Daphne Kalfon, “textSoap” a quicker cleaner-upper reviewed by Harry Babad, “VectorWorks 2008, a Computer-Aided Design program reviewed by Robert Pritchett and “XPad” a notepad program reviewed by Harry Babad.

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