Vista Get a Mac Ad (Online Version)

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Cool Stuff, Random Thoughts

Listener Paul from Mac Break Weekly Picks let me know about this on-line version of Apple’s latest “Get a Mac” ads that is running over on the Engadget web site. I thought is was very clever how they integrated the video and the web banner.

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  1. cat dumas | Nov 20 2007 - 07:10

    hahahahaha! is that the buzzer they use on Jeopardy? “What is everyone hates Vista, Alex”

  2. Bruce | Nov 20 2007 - 09:28

    Wow. That’s the most aggressive switcher ad I’ve seen from Apple yet! It’s funny and I know there are many people who are having troubles with Vista. I just hope that it doesn’t bite them back in the end. Integrating it with the banner ad was clever and might take some of the sting away from the attack.

    Is it just me or is PC getting more befuddled and dim witted than usual in these new ads?

  3. Gazmaz | Nov 20 2007 - 01:47

    What you should watch out for is when all those businesses DON’T move to vista, that’s where the big OS money is, and when M$ realise they have to do something a little more dramatic to get vista moving, M$ will not want to support XP forever, unfortunately at present I don’t think a lot of bigger businesses have the inclination to move to OS X.
    So M$ will come under pressure to either fix or replace.
    Now the trend non commercially has got some movement (I’m talking Uk here guys), certainly in the UK just look at the sales of Mac’s on ebay and the money they are making. Now as those people talk about it more and more at work, and as businesses start to realise, that’s when Apple will have to make sure these (by then) old ads don’t bite them in the proverbial!
    But hey what do I know :-).

  4. Gazmaz | Nov 20 2007 - 01:12

    By the way the ads make me smile ……. …….. …….. but I don’t like them!

  5. mark schneider | Nov 20 2007 - 02:46

    Very funny indeed! But being a multi OS person I’m having a helluva lot more issues with Leopard than I did switching to Vista. 7 attempts at a clean install, ended up having to reinstall Tiger to do a upgrade to get it to work. Vista runs faster and with less problems on my mac than Leopard. Hopefully they’ll get this thing fixed so it’s usable soon or I’m upgrading to Tiger!

  6. flyboybob | Nov 21 2007 - 07:51

    Fortunately I only have to suffer using XP at work. However, a couple of my coworkers have bought new PCs with Vista installed and promptly returned them to have the vendor install XP. Gazmaz is right, there is no big rush to Macintosh by big businesses. My company used to have several Macs in the art department until 2005 when they were replaced by PCs running Windows XP. When I complained to our IT folks that I can’t get onto the company’s intranet site on a Mac, because the website will only run on IE version 6.0 or later, they said “by a PC.” I don’t think that they have any interest in upgrading to Vista either.

  7. Bubbila | Feb 15 2008 - 12:05

    Nice post. Keep it up…

  8. kiral?k sunucu | May 29 2008 - 01:39

    i use the System VISTA, since 04.01.2008, and i am great than it so much.
    the software really more enjoying than XP, for example you can see all windows
    same time, And have many new function, my other friends can’t like it. But i like
    really . i am also use office2007 , the software also better than 2003 office.
    Thanks, Mehmet YAZICI

  9. Portland Portals | Nov 18 2008 - 11:14

    Thats too funny. I bought my wife a mac and it is perfect for her. She can’t mess it up because she can’t get to the internals and mess around with the OS. Well, she could if she really looked hard enought but it is much more difficult to muck up than a PC. I hear her in her office complaining about having to reboot much more often than my Vista does. So which is he best you might ask putting me on the spot. Neither. They both are great for their intended audiences.

    But that was still one funny mother fing commercial.