We’re the Best

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Cool Stuff, Podcast

bestof2007.gifI’m not usually one to toot my own horn, but this is just too cool not to share with you. A Maccast.com staff member just alerted me that the Maccast has earned a spot on the iTunes Music Store Best Podcasts of 2007 list. We were picked in the “Classic” category and, as we have discussed on the show before, in Apple language that means we’re the old guys on the block. I deliberately used the word “we’re” in the title of this post because this is an honor for you as much as me. This show exists because of the community that supports it and it is your continued participation, contributions, and feedback that make it great. Thank you. This is a great gift on the eve of the 3rd birthday of this show. There are a bunch of other great podcasts on the list. New comers and old. You can check them all out on iTunes now. BTW, Apple has also selected many of the “bests” in other areas including Music, TV, Audiobooks, etc. Hit the main page of the iTunes store to peruse all the best iTunes stuff of 2007. Thank you for another great year. I am looking forward to 2008.

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