Maccast 2007.12.23

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 211. 9th Security update of ’07. Update fixes MacBook keyboard issues. Lepoard Java 6 on the horizon. Leopard is Apple best OS launch ever. iPhone market share shows good growth. New Firewire spec promises 4x performance. Apple and ThinkSecret settle lawsuit. A little wireless networking 101. Sharing iPhotos and iTunes. Save “broken” old mac with a new battery. A word or two about Apple “refurbished” products. Previous system folders and second Application folders. Printing Holiday mailing labels from Address Book. Macworld Mac Meet and Mingle

New music, Holiday Wishes by MC Statistics

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I don’t know what to say, except it’s Christmas and we’re all in misery. — Christmas Vacation (1989)

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  1. pds6 | Dec 24 2007 - 09:07

    Dear Adam:

    I don’t think what Think Secret revealed was, in fact, a “trade secret”. Apple had decided months, if not years earlier to produce the Mac Mini. At the time Think Secret published, the Mac Mini was designed, built and in the warehouse ready for distribution.

    Jobs is very good at and has made a great deal of money controlling the story-line and creating expectations. Publicity is a two-edged sword. Apple wants all the benefits and none of the burdens.

    Think Secret had every right and duty to publish and I think the podcast community should be more supportive of this right!

    Good Show,


  2. C Morrison | Dec 26 2007 - 11:00

    Adam. You mentioned in the show that your network is only as fast as the slowest wireless device. Here is an excerpt from LINKSYS re Wireless N. I believe this applies to other brands too. I believe the N’s will treat each type B, G, N at their respective speeds simultaneously.
    Linksys Product Spec:
    With Wireless-N, the farther away you are, the more speed advantage you get. It works great with standard Wireless-G and -B equipment, but when both ends of the wireless link are Wireless-N, the router can increase the throughput even more by using twice as much radio band, yielding speeds up to 9 times as fast as standard Wireless-G. But unlike other speed-enhanced technologies, Wireless-N can dynamically enable this double-speed mode for Wireless-N devices, while still connecting to other wireless devices at their respective fastest speeds. In congested areas, the “good neighbor” mode ensures that the Router checks for other wireless devices.

  3. Oliver Eichhorn | Dec 27 2007 - 06:37


    you talked about the problem of an old Mac rebooting from standby-mode by itself. My iMac is only 1 year old, but I have the same problem. I don’t have the shut-down problem and the date and time are always correct, just the problem with booting e. g. over night if the machine is switched off.

    Is that also the battery? Or can it be something different?


  4. Scott | Dec 27 2007 - 04:17

    I have been an avid listener to the maccast from the beginning and look forward to it every time. After listening to your recent podcast I just had to make a comment that I hope you’ll pass along.

    I think your information about moving your iTunes and iPhoto library to an external drive was great. But, you failed to mention that moving this file may move it out of the view of many backup programs. You must explicitly make sure that this new location is included in any backup you make. Many programs have some sort of smart groups to backup including photos and music that will miss these libraries.

    I’m still running tiger so could not test it – but I suspect this also moves these libraries out of the view of time machine – or is it smarter than that??


  5. tina | Dec 29 2007 - 11:48

    Hey Adam,
    Love the show. I just want to comment that my Tivo wireless adapter is 802.11g, not “b” as you stated in your podcast.