Maccast 2008.01.15 – Macworld 2008 HP

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Macworld 2008, Podcast

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. A special episode of the Maccast live from Macworld 2008. We take a look at HP’s new Photosmart Pro B8850 Photo printer. The B8850 is designed to appeal to the growing segment of pro-sumer photographers and may also be ideal for you graphic artists and photographers out there. I had a an opportunity to get a sneak peek at the new offering and was able to get a moment with John Forster, product manager for HP, to talk about their new offering while here at Macworld.

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  1. Judy | Jan 16 2008 - 11:17

    I am not able at this time to download this podcast…. in iTunes I get an exclamation point and on this website I get the message that Safari couldn’t find the page….. will try later… Judy

  2. Bernd | Jan 16 2008 - 12:25

    Actually iTunes asks for authentication for the mp3 file.

    And while you’re there… can you please have a look at Garmin Bobcat? :-)

    Cheers and enjoy MacWorld!


  3. Darren | Jan 16 2008 - 01:23

    I’m having problems with this in iTunes too :-(

  4. Rene | Jan 16 2008 - 01:44

    There was an error in the link, here is the correct link:

  5. Bruce | Jan 16 2008 - 02:19

    I got this episode this morning around 7:30 am PST and didn’t have any problem.

    Anyway, great show Adam! I wasn’t expecting a show from you until you got back from Mac World. You must be bushed!

    I’m miffed that the rumor sites got so much right this year. It really detracts from the excitement when you know everything that’s going to be announced. I hope the majority feel like me so the rumor sites cool it with Mac World predictions. If the suprise hadn’t been spoiled it would have been a top notch show.

    I’m happiest about the Apple TV update and iTunes movie rentals in HD. This is giong to be HUGE for me. I may even be able to cancel my Netflix account. Time Capsule was a nice surprise (probably the only one of the show for me) and I plan to get one as soon as they are released.

    Now if we can only get a date for the iPhone 2.0. I’m DYING to get one!

  6. Bob | Jan 16 2008 - 08:26

    I definitely prefer that you post smaller sound segments during your time at MacWorld, rather than all at once following the conference.


  7. Bill | Jan 17 2008 - 08:00

    Hi Adam

    Great show as always and I too like the sniippets rather than just a a long one after the show – Ken Ray is not the only one that rocks!

  8. Bridjmon | Jan 17 2008 - 11:49

    I gotta vote for the timely snippets also when you’re at a multi day event like MacWorld. I, like most, really appreciate what you do. Even more so since I couldn’t make the trip this year. I’d even enjoy hearing some guerilla recording of you just walking the aisles of MacWorld or even the streets of SF and giving your take on what you’re seeing. Thanks again Adam.

  9. Bill Shirley | Jan 18 2008 - 12:37

    Shorter segments preferred!

  10. Jerry Krinock | Jan 18 2008 - 07:44

    The answer is yes. Short podcasts are much better. Under 20 minutes is ideal.

    I downloaded a few other Mac news podcasts a few months ago. Suffered through the first 45 minutes, which consisted of about 10 minutes of information and 10 minutes of commercials. The remainder was back-slappin’, hee-haws and statements of mutual admiration among the hosts and guests. I flipped through the remaining hour of this one-hour and forty-five minute bandwidth-buster and found more of the same garbage. Of course, I didn’t subscribe. Maybe you know the guys I’m talking about.

    Short, concise and focused on a topic is the way to go. It’s difficult to “fast-forward” through podcasts, especially on my Shuffle, and I’ve got a lot of podcasts to listen to. So, if I hear more than a few minutes of uninteresting material, I don’t bother to stick around hoping that the last 10 minutes of a 90-minute extavaganza might get interesting again. I pop up to the next podcast.

  11. Drew Key | Jan 19 2008 - 08:24

    Great cast. Especially, the segment about the photosmart printer. I have a Nikon D80, and a cheaper Hp photosmart 6.1 mp. I am in the pro-sumer catagory. I just hope everything sinks good with my MacBook Intel, and wish it was wireless.

    Anyways great cast like always

    Keep em comin