Maccast 2008.01.31

Written by: Adam Christianson

Categories: Podcast

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 214. Apple Q1 numbers are in. Focus on iPhone sales and unlocked phones. iTunes more popular than RealPlayer, duh?! Pink iPod Nano. Fraggles and Farscape on iTunes. Quicktime 7.4 appears to break Premiere and After Effects. Microsoft Office 2008 Security issue and fix. UK pulls get a Mac Ads featuring Mitchell and Webb. O2 increases minutes and SMS for UK iPhone owners. Apple posts updates to Keynote, Pages, Numbers, and iWeb. Macbook Air shipping and Apple TV Take 2 delayed. Wireless issues take Air out of unboxing. iTunes 7.6 Firewall Permissions issue. What to know when buying external drives. What is RAID?

New music, Because You Are by Derek Clegg [iTunes]

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Glad your crotch is feeling better. — Grosse Pointe

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  1. Gazmaz | Feb 01 2008 - 09:09

    Hi adam just a response to your note on the Mac Ad’s in the UK. It really doesn’t matter what Mac fans in the UK think because we already “get it”, what Apple want are those non Apple consumers to see the add and think yeah I want an Apple product, and if those ads are not doing that then I see why they have been pulled. I’m sure we’ll see some more ads but perhaps with a different slant.
    I thought that the guys are pretty close to to the US actors, so why didn’t they just bring those ads over seems odd. Anyway all us Apple fans liked all the ads, confirming our allegiance to the cause (lolz), but if the new sales weren’t coming in they may as well pull them.

  2. Donald Townsend | Feb 01 2008 - 10:16

    Over here in Europe Real streaming is often offered next to Windows Media streaming by radio stations. You can for example listen to BBC live streams of all its radio stations.

  3. Daniel | Feb 01 2008 - 10:58

    Hi Adam,

    Just listening to the latest podcast right now. Great!

    I was one of the victims of the iTunes permissions/After Effects issue. I had to reinstall an older version of Quicktime using a program called Pacifier. I got it to install, but the computer wouldn’t restart. Eventually I called up Apple and they helped me reinstall the OS and then I got everything up and running. But I’m stuck with an older version of Quicktime and can’t use iTunes until this issue is resolved. Do you know when this will all be worked out (by Adobe and Apple), so that this will all be normal again?


  4. Christopher S. Johnson | Feb 02 2008 - 04:46

    Those of us that like to keep up with the world of news find Real Player invaluable.

    BBC, National Public Radio, C-SPAN

    Thats a huge amount of programming.