Tap the U key to toggle Roll edit

Written by: James Alguire


Tap the U key to toggle Roll edit.

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  1. Runa | Sep 26 2012 - 05:12

    Dave,Thanks for sharing those optnois with everyone. We have a couple of other set-top boxes in the lab and you are right that there are other optnois with more features, etc. The big plus that some others give us is the ability to customize the interface and develop applications for them. As with just about anything that Apple makes you can buy something for less that does more, but doesn’t look quite as pretty :)The Apple TV still excites me because it has Apple’s marketing engine behind it and because the movie rental/iTunes store integration makes it an easier sell to our users. This goes to what Jon is saying about the product going mainstream. To be fair though we should probably do a set-top box (STB) round-up post. Thanks so much.

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