Maccast 2008.05.02

Written by: Adam Christianson

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A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Show 225. iPhone coming to Canada this year. Strings point to iPhone as an iTunes remote. New iPod+iTunes TV Ad. iMacs revved to 3.06GHz. Apple Store help like a rainbow. BBC comes to iTunes US, iTunes rentals same day as DVD. 3G iPhones cheaper from AT&T. Apple brings Java SE 6 to Leopard. Maccast One Minute Tip is Back!! Make sure you Mac can breathe. Safari has a local SQL database. Confusion when troubleshooting with clones. Human-powered transcription app. Mail eating memory and crashing. Where do Recovered Files come from? When is a backup, not a backup?

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New music, All That I Know by Collective Soul

He slimed me. — Ghostbusters (1984)

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  1. macFanDave | May 05 2008 - 08:52

    You’re not crazy (or we are both crazy the exact same way.)

    I looked up Enchanted on my AppleTV for my daughter on the day the DVD came out, and I saw that I had the option to buy it. But, when I subsequently went back to check on when it was available to rent, it disappeared until it did become available to rent a few weeks later. Maybe it was accidentally made available and they realized their mistake.

    As far as rentals are concerned, we watched Michael Clayton on the day the DVD went on sale.

    AppleTV is great, but you and me, Adam, we are pioneers in the Wild West. I’m sure we are going to see some things that will never occur when the herd decides AppleTV is a safe area to be.

  2. Dan | May 06 2008 - 10:55

    Adam – just a quick comment – it seems at least Apple seems to think that resetting the SMC is different than the PMU or the SMU …. check it out here:

  3. Louis | May 06 2008 - 11:42

    I had to look quickly at my Nano when I started your podcast yesterday – I was trying to figure out how, when I started a podcast, the soundtrack to Strange Brew, also on the iPod, started playing!!

    You certainly had me guessing at first! Even though the movie is not yet on iTunes, you can get the whole Strange Brew album there.

    Thanks for a great podcast.

  4. Kennon | May 06 2008 - 05:12

    I don’t understand why people find it so hard to believe that AT&T will subsidize the cost of the iPhone. I think it would be even crazier to believe that Apple will continue to produce the EDGE version just to sell at $199 and $299.

    I understand that AT&T would essentially be taking business away from the Apple Store, but really they aren’t. Apple still gets 100% of the profit, whether you buy it at AT&T or the Apple Store. So I wouldn’t think they’d care. And with the $200 rebate from AT&T, they’d be sure to get your monthly fees also. As it stands now, AT&T is losing a lot of money because the phones are being unlocked and used on TMobile.

    I was going to unlock an iPhone to use with TMobile, but now with the rumors of a cheaper version, I would rather save the $200 than go to the hassle of unlocking it and getting it on TMobile. And I think that will be the general consensus when the 3G version comes out.

    I could totally see AT&T dropping the price of the iPhone (8GB EDGE), but with the subsidies wording, it would mean that you are essentially paying the same price as the 3G version, which definitely doesn’t fly in my book.

  5. Jayson | May 07 2008 - 01:51

    I was surprised to hear Collective Soul at the end of the podcast, considering how mainstream they were back in the 90’s. But I’m glad to see large acts like this and Black Lab (whom I met once and saw twice in concert when touring for “Your Body Above Me”) really embracing the public through technology and not just the labels. THANK!

  6. Jez | May 07 2008 - 09:02

    iPhone news from the UK, iPhones are no longer available to buy from the online O2 store. 3G on it’s way?